Warning of Fake Bank Scams Using QR Codes in Vietnam

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The VietNam Prosperity Joint Stock Commercial Bank (VPBank) has issued a warning to customers about scams that use fraudulent banking QR codes to steal money from unsuspecting consumers.

It warns that attackers have lately discovered a means to distribute QR codes via social networks like Zalo, Facebook, or Viber besides delivering fake login URLs to hijack accounts or gather credit card information.

Warning of fake bank tricks to scan QR codes

Warning of fake bank tricks to scan QR codes

In particular, the attacker will phone customers while posing as a bank employee.

It uses a desk phone number that sounds close to the bank's switchboard line, and requesting money withdrawals from credit cards or other financial services. 

The customer will then be sent a QR Code to scan by the thieves.

After scanning the QR code, customers are taken to a fake website link where they are prompted to enter details.

They include their full name, ID or citizen identity card number, an OTP sent to their phone number, and the login and password for a bank account, etc.

The fraudster can utilize the consumer's credit card or online banking account and complete the transaction to steal money as soon as the customer supplies the information.

Many local police departments and other banks have issued warnings about the QR code scam.

Banks caution customers to be cautious of requests to scan QR codes or access unusual websites to avoid falling victim to this latest sophisticated fraud.

The three security codes on the back of credit cards, CVV2/CVC2, and any other personal information are never requested by banks from customers via Zalo or an unidentified phone number.

Customers are also advised not to give their OTP or Smart OTP authentication codes to anyone, including bank employees, at the same time.

If you unintentionally scan the QR, double-check the link to be sure it is a secure URL. — VNS

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