Super-Tiny Snake Clone that Fits inside a QR Code

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Recently, an assembly language developer by the name of donno2048 produced a super-tiny Snake clone. 

A super-tiny Snake clone was recently produced using assembly code by a guy by the name of donno2048. 

The program can be encoded into a QR code because it is only 85 bytes long. 

In fact, the new Snake game fits into a QR code even better than the old one did.

Super-tiny snake clone in assembly fits into a QR code

Super-tiny snake clone in assembly fits into a QR code

Although the Snake game can be accessed via a QR code, due to its compatibility with slower platforms, it might not be as pleasant. 

Still, a web page demo that uses a DOS compatibility library in the browser is accessible. 

This version of the game is easier to use and enables a more complete analysis of how it works.

Being able to create a playable game with such little code is astounding, especially given how differently different keyboards handle keyboard inputs. 

Additionally, the Snake clone appears to have a problem where turning around and facing yourself immediately ends the game.

If you are familiar with x86 assembly, share your opinions with us in the comments section. 

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Rating: 5.0 - 50Votes



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