Singapore & Malaysia Set the Path for QR Code-Based Border Crossings

Feb 19, 2024 - Views: 470

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Singapore and Malaysia want to transform the current passport system by installing QR codes at land border crossings. 

The innovative plan is a part of a memorandum of understanding that was signed several weeks ago to enhance commerce between Singapore and Malaysia's Johor state, in particular.

Singapore and Malaysia pave the way for easy border crossings

Singapore and Malaysia pave the way for easy border crossings

The adoption of QR codes in the Johor-Singapore Special Economic Zone (JS-SEZ) represents an important breakthrough in the area's digital revolution of border control. 

In addition to advancing two interdependent economies, this will increase efficiency in lowering processing times, allowing more people to travel from these places.

Also, they offer benefits over passports since it is simple to scan a QR code to verify a passenger's identification.

To offer investment for "cross-border flows of goods and people," the agreement will strengthen their commercial partnership and enhance business ties for JS-SEZ.

The exacts of the switchover have not been made public.

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Rating: 4.8 - 50Votes



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