Apple Has Introduced a Special Anti-Counterfeiting QR Code

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Apple and ZEISS have partnered to produce the Vision Pro headset with customized corrective lenses. 

If a customer orders Vision Pro, they may purchase these lenses straight from Apple. 

In order to link with the Vision Pro, users must put each Zeiss lens into the designated location on the headset, according to information leaked by leaker M1Astra. 

Each ZEISS lens arrives in a package with a unique number. 

They cling together magnetically when linked correctly. 

To finish pairing, you must scan the pairing code on the card in the ZEISS lens box if required.

Apple to implement a unique Anti-Counterfeiting QR Code

Apple to implement a unique Anti-Counterfeiting QR Code

Furthermore, the interior of the ZEISS lens insert attachment has distinct serial numbers imprinted for each user.

Apple has also included anti-counterfeiting protocols for myopia lenses.

In addition, Apple has extremely stringent guidelines for Vision Pro corrective glasses. 

Customers are required to provide a current prescription written by an ophthalmologist accredited in the United States. 

The lenses are priced at US$149 officially. Furthermore, standard reading glasses cost US$99 without a prescription. 

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Rating: 4.7 - 50Votes



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