Red Bull vs Monster Energy: What Are The Differences?

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What are the similarities and differences between Red Bull vs Monster Energy? It’s quite hard to answer as both are two well-known brands of energy drinks.

Although both contain comparable nutritional levels, they have some minor variances.

So, this post will make a comparison between Red Bull and Monster, as well as provide you with useful information about these two energy drinks.

Let’s find out!

Red Bull vs Monster

Red Bull vs Monster

What Is Red Bull Energy Drink?

Red Bull is an energy drink manufactured by Red Bull GmBH in Austria. It is a caffeinated beverage with added sugar that is promoted as a means to improve both mental and physical performance. 

It comes in an 8.4 oz can and contains 110 calories.

Because of the mix of some unhealthy components, there are worries about its possible negative effects, particularly when ingested in excessive quantities.

Red Bull Energy Drink

Red Bull Energy Drink

What Is Monster Energy Drink?

Monster Energy is an energy drink that was invented in April 2002 by Hansen Natural Company (now Monster Beverage Corporation). 

It held a 35% share of the energy drink market in March 2019, the second biggest share after Red Bull.

This beverage comes in a 16 oz can and has 190 calories and 11g of carbs per serving.

Monster energy drinks have been linked to a number of health risks, including cardiac arrest, owing to excessive intake, however moderate usage normally has no significant side effects.

Monster Energy Drink

Monster Energy Drink

Similarities Between Red Bull Vs Monster Energy

Before delving into even the most minute distinctions between Monster vs Red Bull energy, here are their similarities that you should be aware of.

Both are caffeinated energy drinks

First, Monster and Red Bull are both caffeinated energy drinks with additional sugar that are marketed as enhancing both mental and physical performance.

Caffeine is a common component in energy drinks because it stimulates the central nervous system, which increases alertness, attention, and energy.

A regular 12 oz (355 ml) serving of Red Bull has 113.56 mg of caffeine, whereas the same quantity of Monster contains 120 mg. 

The difference is only about 7 mg, which will not make a significant impact for most users.

Caffeinated energy drinks

Caffeinated energy drinks

Both have zero sugar or low-calorie

You've probably heard of Monster Energy and Red Bull's zero-sugar or low-calorie versions. Both of these energy drinks have less than or more than 10 calories. 

Although both contain no sugar, the net calorie consumption differs because of the differing sizes of Monster and Red Bull cans.

Both contain carbonated water and glucose

Monster Energy and Red Bull are fizzy beverages due to the presence of carbonated water. 

Both companies use glucose in their formulas, and the carbohydrate amount is closely similar.

Monster has 172.50 calories per 12 oz (355 ml) serving, whereas Red Bull has 163.25 calories. The calorie difference is less than 10, making it insignificant.

Both contain carbonated water and glucose

Both contain carbonated water and glucose

Both have 3 essential vitamins

Both products share three key vitamins, which are: Vitamin B3: niacin, Vitamin B12: cobalamin, and Vitamin B6: pyridoxine.

The amounts of B3 and B12 vitamins in the two beverages are nearly identical.

Nonetheless, Red Bull (7.2 mg) has somewhat more B6 vitamins than Monster (2.84 mg), which is one of the reasons Why is Red Bull more expensive than Monster.

Both contain colors, flavors, and preservatives

Both brands use natural colors and tastes. Red Bull, on the other hand, has artificial flavors, which Monster does not. 

All of these components, including the preservatives in Monster and Red Bull energy drinks, are food-grade additives allowed by the Food and Drug Administration.

Differences Between Red Bull Vs Monster Energy 

Nobody will have the same experience with Monster and Red Bull because it is impossible for two different formulations to have the same effect.

So, what distinct them? Let’s check below!


Red Bull is often marketed in 8.4 oz packets, such as The Red Bull Energy Drink 250 ml, whereas Monster comes in 16 oz cans as well. 

Because most people drink one can at a time, regardless of liquid capacity, a typical can of Monster has double the energy than Red Bull does owing to the proportion it contains.

A Monster can is larger than a Red Bull one

A Monster can is larger than a Red Bull one

Sugar content

Monster has 52 g of sugar every 16 fl oz, whereas Red Bull has 27 g per 8.4 fl oz. As you can see, one can of Monster is comparable to nearly two cans of Red Bull!

This sugar provides a significant portion of the energy, which is why Monster may appear to be more effective than Red Bull.

Despite that, Red Bull and Monster have about the same amount of sugar per fluid ounce.

B6 vitamins

Red Bull has 250% of the required daily dose of B6 vitamins, whereas Monster has 230%, which is just 20% less.

B6 vitamins, like B12, are water-soluble vitamins that are metabolized in the liver and subsequently excreted from the body.

B6 vitamins

B6 vitamins


Monster energy drinks have 54 g of carbs, whereas Red Bull contains 28 g.

Monster offers almost double the amount of carbs than Red Bull does, so anyone on a diet should steer clear!


Monster energy vs Red Bull caffeine is one of the major differences! Monster Energy has 170 mg of caffeine per serving, which has twice as much caffeine as Red Bull (80mg of caffeine per serving).

The fact that a can of Monster is almost double the size of a conventional can of Red Bull is the primary reason that it contains much more caffeine than Red Bull in total.

Caffeine in Monster vs Red Bull

Caffeine in Monster vs Red Bull


Monster is available in the many flavors like: 

  • Regular Monster such as Low-carb/ Assault/ Absolutely Zero

  • Rehab such as White dragon tea/ Lemonade/ Peach tea/ Pink lemonade/ Orangeade/ Raspberry tea

  • Ultra such as Zero/ Blue/ Red/ Sunrise/ Citron/ Black/ Violet

  • Juice such as Khoas/ Pipeline Punch/ Ripper/ Mango Loco

  • Punch such as Baller’s Blend/ Mad Dog

Meanwhile, Red Bull is available in the following flavors:

  • Original 

  • Sugar-free 

  • Total Zero 

  • Pear – Regular and Sugar Free

  • Blue

  • Tropical – Regular and Sugar Free

Below is the brief comparison between Red Bull and Monster per serving.

Monster vs red bull energy comparison

Monster vs red bull energy comparison

Is Red Bull Healthier Than Monster?

Is Red Bull or Monster stronger? If you're wondering that, you're probably also asking which is healthier. 

Sadly, neither Red Bull nor Monster are often seen as being very healthy and are not typically drunk for their health benefits. 

Yet, if you want to go for the healthy alternative, Red Bull is the better choice.

It has less sugar, caffeine, carbohydrates, and other additives than Monster. If you're watching your weight, Red Bull contains less calories than Monster as well.

Both Red Bull and Monster offer sugar-free versions of their beverages if you're seeking for a healthy alternative. While they still include caffeine and other sweetening components, they do not contain the dangerous sugar found in energy drinks.

Is Red Bull healthier than Monster?

Is Red Bull healthier than Monster?

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
1. Does Monster or Red Bull give you more energy?

When comparing Monster to Red Bull in terms of caffeine and sugar content, Monster regularly wins and is a much larger can than Red Bull. Hence, it will provide you with more energy.

Yet, depending on what you're doing, extra energy isn't always a good thing - through a mix of substances, these beverages trick your brain into thinking you're awake while your body isn't.

2. What are some alternatives to Monster and Red Bull?

If you're seeking good alternatives to Red Bull and Monster, consider Rockstar, Bang, Celsius, or Monster Import.

If you're interested in expanding into powder-based energy drinks, you can go for Gfuel, Zipfizz, Advocare Spark, or REIZE.

Are energy drinks good for you?

Energy drinks are good for you if you use them in moderation. You could have a speedy wake-up with energy drinks. 

But, if used in excess, this sort of energy drink can produce a variety of health issues such as high blood sugar, cardiovascular consequences, caffeine dependence, and so on.


Red Bull and Monster are two famous energy drinks that are nutritionally similar but differ somewhat in flavor and ingredients. Both include a lot of sugar and caffeine, as well as other energy-boosting ingredients. 

Now that you know the similarities and differences between Red Bull vs Monster energy, we hope you will decide what will be your suitable one.

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