10 Best Red Bull Flavors [Updated List]

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Red Bull is more than just an energy beverage now. That is a way of life. You definitely find the best Red Bull flavors for yourself given the wide variety of flavors available.

If not, refer to our Red Bull flavors list below!

What is the best Red Bull flavor?

What is the best Red Bull flavor?

What Is Red Bull?

Red Bull is a fizzy beverage with caffeine and additional energizing ingredients including taurine and B vitamins. 

In 1987, Austria became the first country to use it as the Austrian company Red Bull GmbH developed and owns the Red Bull brand of energy beverages. 

As of 2019, it holds a 38% market share and ranks third among soft drink brands in terms of value, behind Pepsi and Coca-Cola. 

Red Bull has sold more than 100 billion cans since its introduction in 1987, including more than 11.5 billion in 2022. 

This product is advertised as a beverage that will boost the body's energy levels while also enhancing physical and mental performance.

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Red Bull

Red Bull

Best Red Bull Flavors

Here we got 10 Red Bull flavors ranked. They are favored by a lot of consumers worldwide, so take them into consideration carefully to decide the best one.

Original Red Bull

What is the most popular Red Bull flavor? The Red Bull Energy Drink 250 ml is probably one of the best selling Red Bull flavors with a citrusy and tangy taste. 

The Red Bull brand has provided a variety of tastes to its clients for many years. However, due to its incredibly intense flavor, the original flavor has managed to maintain its dominance.

Blue Edition Blueberry

If you like thick blueberry jam on your waffles or pancakes with blueberry syrup, Red Bull's Blueberry might be the drink for you. 

You should be aware that this beverage contains both artificial flavor and color, which has been added in the form of blue.

Blue Edition Blueberry

Blue Edition Blueberry

Arctic Berry Edition

How about the Arctic Berry from Red Bull? 

This product comes highly recommended for those who want to maintain their motivation to do chores while still taking in the wintertime atmosphere. 

This energy drink has a good balance of flavors, is light and refreshing, and doesn't taste like syrupy blue raspberry. 

With a strong raspberry flavor, it is light and energizing.

Coconut Edition Coconut Berry

Whether you adore coconut juice or not, you will undoubtedly enjoy its flavor. It features a delicious blend of flavors, including berries in addition to coconut juice.

This flavor was initially intended to be a limited-edition summer flavor, but it quickly acquired popularity and is now offered all year round. 

Regarding flavor quality and general satisfaction with the product, it has received overwhelmingly positive feedback.

Coconut Edition Coconut Berry

Coconut Edition Coconut Berry

Watermelon – Red Bull Summer Edition

To make the summer a little sweeter and cozier, Red Bull developed this option. It is worth drinking from the red-colored can since it has a delicious flavor.

It has a lovely juice flavor rather than the taste of an energy drink. 

Tangerine – Red Bull Orange Edition

A chilled can of Red Bull Orange Edition is great for individuals who require WINGS for demanding meetings or imaginative brainstorming sessions, on the field with teammates or rivals, or just want to make the most of life. 

It is nicely complemented with citrus tones that aren't too orange-flavored or syrupy.

It's important to be aware that tastes may contain both natural and synthetic substances.

Tangerine - Red Bull Orange Edition

Tangerine - Red Bull Orange Edition

Yellow Edition

Another alternative for a summer edition is the tropical flavor, which comes in a bright yellow can. 

The flavors are akin to those of lemon, apple, pineapple, papaya, and other tropical fruits and are not diminished by the fact that it is entirely made of artificial flavors. 

Whether you can make use of this edition to make cocktails with Red Bull? Refer to our post for more details!

Red Bull Zero

Red Bull Zero is an energy drink with no calories, which is sweetened with various sweeteners, even though they already have a sugar-free variant. 

Formerly known as Total Zero, the beverage was renamed Red Bull Zero because a more recent version does contain 10 calories.

Per fluid ounce, Red Bull Zero has 9.46 milligrams of caffeine (31.98 mg per 100 ml). 

Red Bull Zero

Red Bull Zero

Kiwi-Apple – Red Bull Summer Edition

Apple and kiwi are good Red Bull flavors to mix as well as one of the best Red Bull flavor combos that will boost your energy levels for the remainder of the day.

You may make a delightful and harmonious blend of sweetness and sourness using this recipe.

Sugar-Free – Red Bull Pear Edition

Red Bull without sugar is the preferred beverage for people who want to consume less sugar. Although having a distinct pear aroma, the flavor is somewhat sweet and similar to pears. 

So we have gone through the 10 best Red Bull flavors that you should try. Let’s review!

What's the best Red Bull flavor?

What's the best Red Bull flavor?

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
1. What should you not mix with Red Bull?

You should not mix Red Bull with alcohol like vodka as this combination can make you more likely to become drunk.

2. Does Red Bull get you drunk faster?

Energy drinks could hasten the onset of intoxication when mixed with alcoholic beverages.

Those who drank the concoction reportedly felt more inebriated, according to an experiment on the effects of mixing alcoholic beverages and energy drinks.

3. How long will one Red Bull keep you awake?

Caffeine's half-life is between 4-6 hours, according to the FDA. 

As a result, you can continue to feel alert for up to six hours after consuming a caffeinated beverage since half of the caffeine is still in your system.

Final Words

Red Bull energy drinks come in a variety of tastes, including the original, sugar-free, and fruit-inspired varieties. Hope this article on the best Red Bull flavors has assisted you in making the decision over which one best suits your tastes.

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