You Might Fall Victim to A New Hacker Scam at NJ Restaurants

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By scanning a QR code, users can access a website without knowing the URL by scanning a QR code. 

However, be cautious, much as when opening an attachment from an email or clicking on a link, says Krista Valenzuela, bureau chief of Cyber Threat Outreach and Partnerships at the New Jersey Cybersecurity and Communications Integration Cell.

Valenzuela stated, "With QR codes, there's just a new way to send a malicious link."

"As more businesses and organizations use these technologies to send legitimate information to their customers, we see cyber threat actors making use of those same methods."

A new hacker scam may get you at NJ restaurants

A new hacker scam may get you at NJ restaurants

Although Valenzuela's office is aware that squishing occurs, she stated that she has not received any reports from the public regarding phony QR codes.

The state of New Jersey's filters have detected and blocked emails with fraud codes.

Valenzuela strongly advises against downloading new apps and instead uses the scanning tool that came with your phone to read QR codes.

"However, you may unintentionally download a harmful one, and your phone ought to come with a built-in scanner nevertheless. 

Therefore, downloading such third-party apps actually isn't essential," stated Valenzuela.

If the code you are scanning is on a sticker, proceed with caution since it may indicate that someone has placed

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Rating: 4.9 - 50Votes



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