Missouri Cannabis Regulators Publish Guidelines on Barcode Scanners for Dispensaries

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In a letter and revised guidance document, the Missouri Division of Cannabis Regulation (DCR) extended the January 20 waiver pertaining to 19 CSR 100-1.180(2)(D)2.D.

As the final regulations go into effect on July 30, the emergency rules that went into force on February 3, 2023, will be nullified.

The waiver of the need that Department-issued IDs be scanned using a barcode scanner has been extended through May 31, 2023, per the guidelines.

The Department "has determined a good cause for extending the above waiver is that licensees need additional time to comply with the changed or additional requirements outlined in the emergency rules filed January 20, 2023," according to DCR. 

The Department will keep reviewing the waivers and deviations as the regulations move through the formal rulemaking process to see whether further time is necessary for licensees to comply.”

DCR extends waiver and issues barcode scanners guidance

DCR extends waiver and issues barcode scanners guidance

As of February 3, licensees are required to abide by all regulations set out in 19 CSR 100-1, except for those regulations for which exemptions and deviations have been granted and have not yet expired.

To comply with the deadlines specified in the waiver or deviation, the Department anticipates that licensees are actively working toward compliance with the standards for which a waiver or exception has been granted.

To scan department-issued identity cards at the point of sale or distribution, dispensary license holders are required to employ barcode scanners.

Transactions involving a main caregiver, qualifying patient, or personal cultivation purchase are subject to the requirement.

Any transaction involving a qualified patient, main caregiver, or purchase for personal cultivation is subject to the regulation.

According to DCR, the goal of the rule is to guarantee that a department-issued ID card number is appropriately entered in the state's track and trace system to reduce mistakes concerning patient, main caregiver, and personal cultivation transactions and allotments.

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