An Immigrant from Israel Uses A QR Code to Help with Job Hunt

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This woman settled in Ra'anana before completing her national service and high school, continued her education in Tel Aviv, and started her professional career there.

Now, she had to think outside the box to find a chance to break the mold and land a good part.

The woman with her CV-QR code

The woman with her CV-QR code

This job seeker realized she would need to take a different route in order to achieve her goals after using a variety of community tools, including LinkedIn, the Nefesh B'Nefesh online job board, and networking events. 

Also, she had to enter a field that was similarly firmly embedded and intertwined with Israeli life if she wanted to maintain her Israeli origins.

She was exhausted by her job search after submitting numerous applications and struggling with a protracted period of unemployment. 

She realized that in order to get herself going again, she needed to put her inventive problem-solving abilities to use. 

Then, she went to her social media accounts to poll her followers on whether she should go all out and publish flyers with QR codes that, when scanned, would link people to her professional resume.

"At first I was thinking about it. The response on [social media] "slightly dented my self-assurance, but I said ok, wow - I am gonna do this for me and not hold back since some people are doubting me," she told The Jerusalem Post. 

This woman has persevered through difficult circumstances, just like the country where she and her family emigrated more than ten years ago.

She has remained her own best supporter, and she will keep doing so till she discovers her next ideal position.

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Rating: 4.8 - 50Votes



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