Zebra Printer Barcode Guide & 7 Fixes For Zebra Windows Update

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You do not have much time for printer malfunction. Printers should function smoothly and invisibly. 

That is why you require a Zebra printer barcode comparison chart to select the best device for your requirements. If they go down, so do your operations.

Print with confidence knowing that you have a partner with 50 years of thermal printing innovation on your side; Zebra label printers are a popular choice for many individuals. 

So let's see how their types of Zebra printers differ from one another.

Zebra barcode printers comparison chart

Zebra barcode printers comparison chart

About Zebra Printers

A Zebra barcode label printer is a product manufactured by Zebra Technologies.

This publicly traded company has been a global market leader in barcoding and RFID technologies since its establishment in 1991. 

Its primary focus is on providing high-speed electromagnetic products of unrivaled quality and efficiency. 

Although Zebra users sometimes face annoying issues like Zebra printer barcode unable to print after Zebra Windows update, this brand is still an excellent choice.

It is said to hold the industry's biggest market share as well with products being sold in over 100 countries throughout the world.

Zebra desktop printers

Zebra desktop printers

Zebra ZT Printer Comparison Chart

We have prepared charts in each line, such as Zebra's ZT line, ZEBRA ZQ mobile, and ZEBRA ZD desktop printer, to assist you to get a closer look at the Zebra printer comparison chart. 

So let's get started on the first line, which is the Zebra ZT printer!

ZT200 Series

The compact size of the ZT200 makes it excellent for confined work locations. 

The entry-level printer features a simple setup, simple user operation, and low maintenance. 

Due to its small size, it cannot create as many labels as other ZT Zebra printer models

Even so, the ZT200 is still an excellent choice for a first-time bar code operator.

Zebra ZT400 Series

Zebra ZT400 Series

ZT400 Series

The ZT400 is one of the most popular Zebra label printers, which are the mid-range variants made to last. 

The ZT411 was created as a result of considerable customer research, making it more user-friendly than prior versions. 

Both the ZT411 and ZT421 are built for tiny places yet can handle higher speeds and resolutions. 

RFID and media capabilities, as well as Link-OS compatibility, have been added to the increased processing power and grow-as-you-go abilities. 

These Zebra printers are designed for small-label printing.


This premium Zebra lable printer is intended for high-volume output in the harshest industrial conditions. 

The device can run continuously, making it suitable for businesses that require a workhorse printer without paying a premium price.

ZT510 is among the best industrial printer

ZT510 is among the best industrial printer

ZT600 Series

If your company wants a high volume of labels as well as a high tolerance for industrial environments, the ZT600 is the perfect fit. 

Labels as small as 3mm are possible thanks to precise registration and print line adjustment. 

Furthermore, it is compatible with different printing systems and facilitates integration and control of your barcode ecosystem.

Now, look at the table below:

Zebra ZT printer comparison chart

Zebra ZT printer comparison chart

Zebra ZQ Mobile Printer Comparison Chart

Zebra's ZQ mobile printer is also one of its best-selling Zebra label printer lines. Consider the following models from this line:

ZQ600 Mobile Printers

With the ZQ600 Series mobile printer, you can improve customer service and inventory management in your store. 

The ZQ600 Series improves on the popular QLn Series by delivering sophisticated technology and an innovative and compact design that boosts ease of use, productivity, and management to new heights.

ZQ600 Healthcare Series Mobile

By performing specimen labeling at the point of care, you may increase patient safety, accuracy, and staff efficiency with the ZQ600 Healthcare Series mobile printers. 

The ZQ600 Healthcare Series, which builds on the successful QLn Healthcare Series, is developed exclusively for healthcare to resist constant disinfection.

Also, it combines modern technology in an innovative and compact design that boosts productivity, ease of use, and management to new heights.

Zebra ZQ600 healthcare series mobile

Zebra ZQ600 healthcare series mobile

ZQ630 RFID Mobile Printer

RFID tags and labels can be printed and encoded as needed. 

Premium features, cutting-edge technology, an industry-leading battery, and a creative design are now available with RFID. 

This mobile printer raises the bar for efficiency, usability, and manageability.

ZQ300 Series Mobile Printers

The ZQ300 Series mobile barcode printers Zebra come in two styles to match your business needs, with class-leading battery power, durability, versatility, and easy remote management at a cheap price.

Zebra ZQ300 series mobile printers

Zebra ZQ300 series mobile printers

ZQ110 Mobile Printer

The ZQ110 mobile 2-inch receipt Zebra label printer allows you to print receipts and tickets on the fly. 

The ZQ110 is Zebra's smallest and most economical mobile receipt printer, offering crucial basic functionality and a competitive accessory range.

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Zebra ZQ mobile comparison chart 

Zebra ZQ mobile comparison chart 

Zebra ZD Desktop Printer Comparison Chart

The Zebra ZD series provides a wide variety of capabilities for a wide range of sectors. 

It was introduced as an improvement to the incredibly successful GX and GK lines, so if you are planning to replace your Zebra desktop thermal printer soon, the ZD series is worth considering.

Zebra ZD220

The ZD220 is the entry-level Zebra printer model in the ZD series. However, the absence of frills acts as a point of uniqueness that may appeal to some. 

With regular 203 dpi picture quality and 4 inches per second print speeds, this stripped-down model maintains Zebra's high-performance quality.

The 220 is a compact Zebra printer that leaves enough space on workstations for other tasks. 

Also, its small size makes it easy to transport and store, allowing you to use it as necessary.

Zebra ZD220 printers

Zebra ZD220 printers

Zebra ZD420/421

The ZD421 is an update to the preceding model, the ZD420. 

The redesigned media guide and media handling features for enhanced media flexibility are the most noticeable differences between the 421 and 420.

Both variants offer extremely comparable benefits and features, but the ZD421 HC has a white plastic surface that can withstand strong sanitization processes found in the healthcare industry.

Both the print head and the dry roller were intended to be easily inserted and removed from the printer without the use of tools, enabling for simple replacement and maintenance.

Zebra ZD620/621

The ZD620, like the ZD421, is available in both regular and healthcare models (ZD621 HC) that can survive common medical sanitization treatments.

Furthermore, the ZD621 has more functions than any other model in the ZD series, which is why Zebra refers to it as their "performance" model.

Another reason why Zebra is calling the ZD621 the performance model of the series is also due to the range of high-tech, efficiency-boosting, and green choices available with this model, putting it up to the series' highest pricing tier.

Zebra ZD desktop printer comparison chart

Zebra ZD desktop printer comparison chart

Printers Unable To Print After Zebra Windows Update

It has been discovered that users are experiencing difficulties printing to specific printers after installing KB5003690 or later Windows Security updates (particularly out-of-band updates, KB5004945 and KB5004760). 

The problems are mostly present with USB-connected receipt and label printers.

All printers running Windows 10 versions 20H2, 21H1, or 2004 as well as all printers running Windows Server versions 20H2 or 2004 are affected. 

Other brands and types of printers are also affected, including Zebra printers.

A Zebra printer

A Zebra printer

Once printing from computers that have recently updated via the Windows Update Service, Windows is aware of problems impacting numerous brands of printers. 

The most typical symptom, according to their research, is the sending of print jobs but not the real printing of them.

After customers install the Windows 10 out-of-band security update KB5004945, this problem is noticed (or previous updates, KB5003690 and KB5004760). 

How To Fix Printers Unable To Print After Zebra Windows Update?

If the Zebra Windows update causes your Zebra bar code printer to stop functioning as well, don't stress!

To solve Windows 10 printing problems on your own, apply the techniques listed below.

A guide on how to fix the Zebra printer not working after updating

A guide on how to fix the Zebra printer not working after updating

Before diving into the details, ensure you have completed the following: 

  • Restart Windows at least one time

  • Verify that the USB cable is correctly connected to the printer and PC. Then, turn on your printer after properly connecting it to your computer

  • Check to see if your network printer's lights are flashing and that the network wire is connected securely. Turn on and join the wifi network if using a wireless printer

  • To see if the printer is the issue, try plugging it into a different computer or laptop

Wait for patches or the next update

Waiting is the simplest solution to the computer problem of a printer not working. 

When Microsoft discovers the most common flaws in its new version, it will either offer patches or a new update to address the issue for users. 

You can therefore just wait till the patches or new updates are available before installing them.

In addition, if you can't print after the Zebra Windows 10 update, you may uninstall the update or do a system restore.

Uninstall the update

The next troubleshooting is to uninstall the update. Follow these steps:

  • Press Windows + I to open the Settings window.

  • Choose Update & Security

  • Choose Windows Updates by default

  • Select View update 

  • The Installed Updates box will open once you click Uninstall updates

  • Check the update you just installed (like KB5000802) and choose it

  • To confirm, click Uninstall and then select Yes

  • Restart your computer after waiting.

Uninstall the Windows update

Uninstall the Windows update

In addition, you must momentarily pause the update.

  • Go to Settings > Update & Security > Windows Update > Advanced options

  • Find the section under Pause updates

  • From the Pause until drop-down option, select the appropriate date

Restore to a previous point

By doing a label printer system restore, you may also return your computer to the time before the printer problem appeared.

You may restore your device to a previous state by performing the following actions, assuming that you've created a system restore point:

  • Navigate to the System Protection tab

  • Select System Restore from the menu

  • At the bottom of the System Restore box, click Next

  • From the list, pick a restore point

  • Select the Next button

  • Select your restore point once again, then click Finish

  • Hold off till the procedure is over

Restore Windows 10 from an earlier restore point

Restore Windows 10 from an earlier restore point

Usually, the restore procedure is completed in 25 to 30 minutes. But completing the last setup takes another 10 to 15 minutes.

Restart/reset the Print Spooler

You should power cycle your Zebra bar code printers and confirm that it is connected properly before beginning.

Restarting the Print Spooler service includes:

  • Press Windows + R to start Run

  • Type services.msc and hit Enter to open Services

  • Look in the list for the Print Spooler service

  • Right-click on it and select Restart if the Startup Type is Automatic and the Status is Running

  • Double-click on it and set the Status and Startup Type if it's paused or not set to automatic

Restart the Print Spooler

Restart the Print Spooler

Now, it’s time to reset the Print Spooler:

  • Open Services

  • Right-click on Print Spooler

  • Select Stop

  • Press Windows + R

  • Type %WINDIR%\system32\spool\printers and then press Enter

  • Choose Continue

  • Clear all files in the folders

  • Back to the Services window

  • Double-click on Print Spooler

  • Under Service status, select Start

  • Select Automatic as the Startup type

  • Select OK

Update printer drivers

Still can’t fix the printer issue after the Zebra Windows update? Then, try updating the drivers.

  • Right-click on the Start button and select Device Manager

  • Expand the Print queues

  • Right-click on your printer and choose Update driver

  • Now, follow the guidelines to complete updating the printer drivers

Update your printer drivers

Update your printer drivers

Run printer troubleshooter

There is a built-in troubleshooting tool in Windows that was created specifically to address various printer issues, such as the Printer Driver not found, the Printer Spooler not working, or Windows being unable to connect to the printer.

Follow the instructions below to launch the print troubleshooter, and Windows will solve the issue automatically:

  • Press Windows + S

  • Type Troubleshoot and then hit Enter

  • Select Additional troubleshooters 

  • Under "Get up and running," choose Printer

  • Click Run the troubleshooter

  • To complete the other procedures, adhere to the on-screen instructions.

Run printer troubleshooter

Run printer troubleshooter

The printer troubleshooter can look for Print Spooler service issues, printer driver updates, printing queues, etc. during the troubleshooting process. 

Clear Print Spooler

Many Windows users claim that clearing the printer spooler resolves their printer-related issues. Here is how to do it:

  • Type and select Services in the Start menu

  • Scroll down to Print Spooler

  • Right-click and select Stop for the Print Spooler services

  • Go to C:\WINDOWS\System32\spool\PRINTERS

  • Clear all the files in this folder

  • Now, start again from the Services console, right-click and select Start for the Printer Spooler service

Clear Print Spooler

Clear Print Spooler

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long do Zebra barcode printers last?

A printhead should last up to ten million labels before it needs to be replaced.

Nevertheless, without adequate maintenance and care, this figure can fall as low as one million. 

In contrast, with vigilance and care, you may avoid burnout and extend the life of your printhead.

Are Zebra and Dymo labels the same?

Zebra and Dymo label printers are two of the most famous brands for small and large enterprises alike. 

They are well-known for their high-quality thermal printing as well as their ease of use, dependability, and fast processing times.

However, when it comes to accessories and labeling, they are not fully compatible brands.

How do I print barcodes on my Zebra Printer?

Follow the steps below to configure the Zebra barcode printer:

Step 1: Log in as an owner or manager to the Point of Sale

Step 2: Select Printers and then Label Print Options at the bottom of the Dashboard

Step 3: Choose the sort of label you wish to print:

Pricing Label

Show the name and price in large print, together with a little barcode

Stock Label

Show a huge barcode with a small typeface name and price


If you are utilizing jewelry labels (little butterflies), choose Jewelry

  • Check that Use As Label Printer is turned on 

  • Changes are automatically saved

Barcode labels can be printed for the establishment as long as it has a Zebra printer installed.

  • Tap Product Setup from the dashboard

  • Use the search bar to find your item, or press the matching Category and Subcategory

  • Enter the desired number and whether you want Zebra barcode print the full Category or just one product

  • Then press OK and select Print Labels

  • The barcode printer Zebra should now print the labels


Your company is unique, and so are your printing requirements. That is why you will need a suitable printer for this. You will need to know what sort of printer is appropriate for your business before you choose a printing solution. So keep our Zebra printer barcode guide as a reference immediately!

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    What is print spooler service? I think you forgot to explain what it is

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      The Print Spooler is software built into the Windows operating system that temporarily stores print jobs in the computer's memory until the printer is ready to print them

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      Select the Start button, then select Settings >Devices >Printers & scanners. Select Add a printer or scanner. Wait for it to find nearby printers, then choose the one you want to use, and select Add device

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    Which Windows 10 update is causing printer problems?

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      Affected platforms include both client (Windows 10, version 20H2, 21H1, and 21H2) and server (Windows Server, version 20H2)

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