What To Mix With Whiskey Besides Soda: 9 Great Recipes

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What to mix with whiskey besides soda but still offer great flavor? You can seek and use a lot of simple ingredients, such as coke, tea, apple cider, or citrus. 

This article will suggest 9 perfect recipes for tasty whiskey mixers. 

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Things you can mix with whiskey besides soda

Things you can mix with whiskey besides soda

Why Mix Whisky With Soda?

Adding soda water to whiskey opens up the spirit's flavor, much like adding distilled water to the whiskey taste. 

For those who like frothy, cold drinks, this combination is best represented by soda highball and the classic Whiskey. 

In addition, soda releases and enhances various flavor compounds. Lighter compounds become short-chain esters, aldehydes, and phenols increase. 

The smoky phenolics in peat whiskey can be overwhelming, especially when you consider that the drink's coldness makes it difficult to perceive its sweetness. 

The reasons you should mix soda with whiskey

The reasons you should mix soda with whiskey

Another critical factor is texture. Large-bodied whiskeys hold up soda well. 

This is usually due to the long-chain fatty acid esters they contain. Dilute these with carbonated water for a smooth and creamy finish.

What To Mix With Whiskey Besides Soda?

What soda to mix with Scotch whiskey, In a Scotch and soda, clear, unsweetened sodas are recommended.

But if you can’t find soda, here are some substitutions for great whiskey mixers. 

Things to mix with whiskey

Things to mix with whiskey


Ginger is a great companion to whiskey as it can range in flavor from sweet to spicy to medicinal to earthy, depending on the concentration and context. 

Plain Bourbon and Ginger Ale is a classic entry-level pairing. Yet, spicier ginger beers and toasted Irish whiskeys go well with Irish mules. 


Lemon is a refreshing choice to taste your whiskey.  

You can mix clean, fresh lemonade with your whiskey for your friends and family to enjoy. Make this cool mixer by pouring 2 whiskey ounces into an ice-filled glass and putting lemon on the top to sip.

Also, you can mix in fruits such as blackberries and blueberries for added sweetness and flavor.

Lemon with whiskey mixer

Lemon with whiskey mixer

Coca cola

What to mix with Scotch aside from soda? Coca-Cola is one of the perfect choices. Its sweet earthiness pairs well with bourbon-style whiskeys. You can stick with cheap whiskeys. 

Coke isn't the only cola you can use, but due to some historical factors, it is still the go-to choice.

Apple cider

Whiskey with apple cider is one of the best mixers you may use to taste. Its freshly squeezed cider and tangy juices complement the whiskey's caramel sweetness and oaky notes. 

Also, this is an ideal option to mix with Black Dog whiskey. It can be heated for a comforting hot tail, but it tastes great chilled on a warm day.

Using apple cider to mix with whiskey

Using apple cider to mix with whiskey

Sweet vermouth

Buying the great sweet vermouth is a daunting task but well worth the time and effort. Once you've found a bottle you like, add a portion of it to two whiskey portions, viola get Manhattan.

Add bitters to give it more uniqueness and depth. Manhattans are originally made from rye, but you may try bourbon if you prefer a sweeter cocktail version.

Sweet vermouth offers good whiskey vanilla, orange, and clove, while dry vermouth gives whiskey mixer floral and herbal additives.

Grapefruit juice

Grapefruit is also underrated, but it adds a unique twist to your whiskey without being overpowering!

Orange, lemon, grapefruit, lime, and most citrus fruits, and flavors go well with whiskey. 

Combine grapefruit and blended Scotch with honey and ginger to help to create bittersweet grapefruit penicillin.

Grapefruit juice can add the taste to whiskey

Grapefruit juice can add the taste to whiskey


The Amaro may take some experimentation to find the right combination with whiskey. 

If you've ever tried adding bitters to a classic whiskey cocktail recipe, you know how great it's to use bitter Italian amaro as a mixer. 

It's also suggested to mix bittersweet Amaro Averna and whiskey to make Black Manhattan. 


Another great option to mix with whiskey is Irish coffee. You may mix it with your favorite whiskey to flavor this caffeinated drink.

A popular whiskey cocktail recipe mixes two bourbon ounces with equal parts coffee and hot chocolate. 

Besides black lime syrup, try adding smoky scotch, and whipped egg whites to your coffee. If you wonder what to mix with peanut butter whiskey, coffee is the ideal choice. 

Coffee in a mixer with whiskey

Coffee in a mixer with whiskey

Hot tea

Add whiskey to your favorite hot tea if you want something to lift your spirits in bad weather. 

You can also add lemon, honey, and a pinch of cinnamon to enhance the mixer’s taste. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
1. How do you make whiskey taste good?

Use these simple tips to make your whiskey taste good: 

  • Add water drops, using mixers to make it taste smooth. 

  • Add ice to your drink to soften the heat and allow its taste to be better. 

  • Use special glassware while drinking your whiskey. 

  • Drink your whiskey neat if you want to enjoy its good taste. 

2. How can I enjoy drinking whiskey straight?

To drink whiskey straight, pour two whiskey fingers into a tulip glass. Whiskey can be served at proper room temperature. 

This allows full aromas to be released in the glass and various flavors to spread in your nose and mouth during and after drinking.

3. Do you sip or chug whiskey?

Sip your whiskey, don't chug. It's not the right thing to chug because many premium whiskeys are unsuitable for shooting.

Take small sips and move them over your tongue. After swallowing, wait for a while and enjoy the aftertaste.

Bottom Line

The above are 9 good ideas you can try to mix with your favorite whiskey. These ideas produce complete recipes from familiar ingredients, including coffee, tea, apple cider, vermouth, amaro, citrus, coke, or ginger. 

Hopefully, this article has helped you learn more about what to mix with whiskey besides soda to taste and refresh your daily drink recipes.

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