QR Codes Will be Promoted by Amazon during the NFL Game on Black Friday

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We've never seen an NFL game on Amazon Black Friday like this one, with deals being advertised during the broadcast.

Television was first introduced with the grim knowledge that the shows are only enticements for the viewers to click on ads.  

To improve the taste of the advertisements, the performances are included.

Amazon will advertise QR codes during Black Friday NFL telecast

Amazon will advertise QR codes during Black Friday NFL telecast

To forgive the overused cliché, what Amazon Prime has in store for Black Friday elevates the union of live sports and commerce to a whole new level.

Product placement evolved over time, as companies would pay to appear in episodes like characters sipping Cokes or wearing Nike swooshes.

Retailers pay to have their names affixed to the location, on players' jerseys, and across the competition field or court in sports. 

This is known as product placement in the sports industry.

There will be QR codes for Amazon deals shown at the bottom of the screen during the NFL's first Black Friday game between the Miami Dolphins and the struggling New York Jets. 

Both the NFL and the retailer hope this will become an annual tradition. 

Unlike Thursday Night Football, everyone can watch this game for free, not just Prime members.

During a Tuesday conference call, Jay Marine, Vice President, Prime Video, Global Head of Sports, Amazon, stated, "What you're going to see on Friday is we're really putting everything behind this, we want to embrace the day."  

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Rating: 4.6 - 50Votes



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