Paytm Will Still Provide Its Card Machine, Soundbox, and QR Code after March 15

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Paytm, who invented QR codes and mobile payments in India, has created a robust digital environment that benefits businesses of all sizes, allowing them to expand more robustly in their digital endeavors.

Paytm's merchant payment services will continue to function flawlessly and without interruption after March 15th, as confirmed by the RBI.

The business also stated in an exchange filing that it will keep enabling merchants with uninterrupted payments, as well as the continued availability of Paytm's ground-breaking QR code, Soundbox, and Card Machine. 

There will be no interruptions to merchants' use of these services.

Paytm to continue its services after March 15

Paytm to continue its services after March 15

One 97 Communications Limited has moved its nodal account to Axis Bank (by creating an escrow account) to maintain the same level of smooth merchant payments. 

In fact, to minimize any impact on the company's enormous merchant network, the fintech behemoth was in negotiations with several top banks over the transfer of nodal accounts to other banks. 

Since its founding, OCL's fully owned subsidiary Paytm Payment Services Ltd (PPSL) has made use of the Axis Bank services.

The fintech major has gained the confidence of consumers and merchants over the years by continuously providing dependable and easy-to-use payment solutions that meet their varied demands. 

Merchants rely on Paytm for easy and hassle-free payment alternatives, whether they use Paytm QR codes, Soundbox, or Card Machine.

Paytm's devices, such as the Paytm QR, Paytm Soundbox, and Paytm Card Machines, are available everywhere, including small businesses, malls, and street sellers. 

With the creative mobile payment solutions offered by Paytm, companies of all sizes have been able to expand and take part in the digital economy.

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Rating: 4.9 - 50Votes



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