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Dr. Ashok Kumar Das, a professor in the botany department at Abhayapuri College in the Bangaigaon district, has been working for months to identify trees with QR codes that were planted at the botanical campus of Seamark School near Nagaon Borghat bypass Chariali. 

His efforts have paid off. 

Professor Dr. Ashok Kumar Das formally introduced the QR code system, which was started by the school's head, Sarat Sarma, among the school's trees and other bushes on Thursday.

QR code system for identification of trees launched

QR code system for identification of trees launched

Within the QR code system, every tree has a signboard with its scientific name, English name, and QR code.

When scanned, it will yield all the information about the tree, including its description, uses as a medicine, and the kinds of fruits and flowers it produces. 

Madhav Chaudhary College in Barpeta district and Abhayapuri College in Bangaigaon district both introduced the QR code method earlier this year.

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Rating: 4.4 - 52Votes



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