Nanak & Nasim Put QR codes on Campaign Posters to Engage Voters

Jan 03, 2024 - Views: 391

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Using QR codes on campaign posters, candidates in two Dhaka seats have used a novel strategy to engage voters in the 12th national poll.

They are Jahangir Kabir Nanak, the candidate for Dhaka-13, and AFM Bahauddin Nasim, a candidate for Dhaka-8. 

They are both nominees by the Awami League.

Nanak, Nasim use QR codes on posters to engage voters

Nanak, Nasim use QR codes on posters to engage voters

When asked about the advantages of utilizing QR codes on posters, Nanak stated that voters will be able to access all of the candidate's information and determine which voting place to visit. 

"Using the QR code, voters can know about the candidates as well as the information of the polling centers," Nasim responded to the same question.

"We thus included it in our posters."

The 12th nationwide poll campaign will run through January 5. On January 7, the elections are slated to take place.

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Rating: 4.8 - 50Votes



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