When Imperial Blue Whisky - 8901522001334, was first launched in 1997, whiskey enthusiasts all over the world praised its smooth, smoky aroma and flavor.

With over 18 million cases sold annually worldwide, the product is the second-largest brand in India's premium blended whiskey market.

The success of Imperial Blue among consumers is evidenced by its consistent and exceptionally robust growth.

Brand Highlights

Imperial Blue, commonly referred to as Seagram's Imperial Blue, is a Pernod Ricard-owned brand of Indian whisky.

Despite the challenging domestic market, the brand maintained its third place on the list of the best-selling Indian whiskey brands thanks to consistent year-over-year growth.

Due to this, Imperial Blue has been recognized as the 2018 Champion of Indian Whiskey Brands.


High-quality ingredients and distinctive aging processes give Imperial Blue Whiskey its mellow, passionate flavor. 

You may smell dried fruit, ginger, vanilla, and faint smokiness while drinking it.

Experts as well as whiskey connoisseurs from all over the world adore the flavor of Imperial Blue.

How To Take

Like other wines, you can take this wine in a rock glass to fully enjoy its flavor.

Imperial Blue is best served with ice and mixed with soda or coke, giving consumers a new, refreshing, and cool drink.

What Are Best Paired With Imperial Blue Whiskey

The grain whiskey Imperial Blue can be consumed on its own. But most individuals opt for it as an aperitif before having meals. 

Here are some suggestions for dishes to pair with Imperial Blue Whisky:

Dark chocolate melting

It's great to pair a glass of Imperial Blue with a bar of melted dark chocolate.

Take a sip of the drink to enjoy its flavor in your mouth, then take a bite of chocolate to pique your taste buds.


Imperial Blue and cheese share characteristics in terms of smokiness, richness, and fruit taste. 

Experts have found that foods with numerous similarities are frequently compatible and should be used together. 

So, Imperial Blue Whiskey can be paired with:

Grill steak

A medium-strength whisky like Imperial Blue combines well with grilled steak with a rich flavor.  

The steak will improve the natural flavor of the wine while wine will make the steak more frugal.


Imperial Blue Whisky 8901522001334 pairs well with seafood dishes like sushi, smoked salmon, mackerel, crab, oysters, etc. because of its robust and mildly peppery flavor.

Alternatively, you might cook the dish and add a little whiskey.


In addition to its popularity with customers around the world, Imperial Blue's efforts have helped it receive a lot of prizes, which further illustrate the brand's success:

Customer Question and Answers

Is Imperial Blue strong?

In India, Imperial Blue is among the most widely consumed and reasonably priced whiskeys.

It has a potent flavor and scent.

Is Imperial Blue Whisky alcoholic?

The 42.8% ABV of blended Scotch malts and Indian grain spirits is what gives Imperial Blue Whisky its smooth flavor.

Is Imperial Blue smooth?

Beginning with a warm, well-balanced scent and lighter, fresh top notes, this drink transitions into a smooth, fruity-oaky taste.

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