Barcodes Will Take the Place of Roll Numbers on Answer sheets

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The Madhya Pradesh Board of Secondary Education (MPBSE) has implemented a barcode system for its 10th and 12th board examinations, intending to improve openness and confidentiality in the evaluation process.

For the first time, barcodes will take the place of customary roll numbers on response papers, which helps conceal students' identities during assessment.

The omission of roll numbers and any other identifying information, such as the candidate's name, city, or district, has highlighted the review process's anonymity.

Rather, every response page will only have a single barcode, allowing for a totally anonymous assessment process.

Roll numbers on answersheets to be replaced with barcodes 

Roll numbers on answersheets to be replaced with barcodes 

"This year, we have added individual barcodes to each student's response sheet in place of the front page that formerly included their personal information.

Answer sheets are being gathered from various districts, and we are combining answers from various districts and delivering them to assessment centers throughout all 52 districts," MP Board secretary Dr. KD Tripathi informed TOI.

"The front page of the answer sheet is removed and replaced with barcodes following the exam. 

The identities of the students will remain a secret to all of the evaluators," Tripathi continued.

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