How to Fix AirPods Not Showing Up On Bluetooth? Causes & Simple Fixes

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AirPods may be connected with any Bluetooth device, even though their performance is best when used in conjunction with an Apple product.

However, for other users, this was not the case as they discovered that their Apple AirPods not showing up on Bluetooth. Learn why this happens and how to fix it fast by following along.

Why aren't my AirPods appearing on Bluetooth?

Why aren't my AirPods appearing on Bluetooth?

Why Are My AirPods Not Showing Up On Bluetooth?

There are several potential causes for your AirPods' inability to establish a Bluetooth connection with your devices. You must first review the requirements for the AirPods software.


iPhone or iPod touch



Apple Watch

Apple TV

AirPods 1st gen

iOS 10 or later

iOS 10 or later

macOS Sierra or later

watchOS 3 or later

tvOS 11 or later

AirPods 2nd gen

iOS 12.2 or later

iOS 12.2 or later

macOS 10.14.4 or later

watchOS 5.2 or later

tvOS 12.2 or later

AirPods 3rd gen

iOS 15.1 or later

iOS 15.1 or later

macOS 12 or later

watchOS 8.1 or later

tvOS 15.1 or later

AirPods Pro 1st gen

iOS 13.2 or later

iPadOS 13.2 or later

macOS 10.15.1 or late

watchOS 6.1 or later

tvOS 13.2 or later

AirPods Pro 2nd gen

iOS 16 or later

iPadOS 16.1 or later

macOS Ventura

watchOS 9 or later

tvOS 16 or later

Now, chances are the AirPods or the charging case have a low battery. Therefore, check that everything is charged completely before proceeding to more intricate fixes.

Furthermore, there may still be issues with the software upgrades or Bluetooth hardware. Any physical damage or dirt that has to be cleaned up is another crucial detail to consider. 

Troubleshooting AirPods Not Showing Up On Bluetooth

Below are some effective solutions to fix the issue of AirPods not showing up on Bluetooth list, check them out now!

Check battery percentage

Place your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch near the case when the lid is open and your AirPods are still inside. You'll need to wait a few seconds to be able to see your AirPods' charge level.

Putting your AirPods in their case will initiate the charging process if their battery is too low. You may charge your AirPods without having to stop wherever you are since your case can hold many full charges.

Nevertheless, connect the Lightning wire that came with your AirPods to the Lightning port on the case if you need to charge the case. Next, plug the cable's opposite end into a USB port or charger. 

Certain AirPods may also be charged using a MagSafe charger.

Check Bluetooth

It's simple to pair AirPods with your device, but first Bluetooth has to be operational. One of the most frequent causes of you can't see AirPods in Bluetooth is this.

To ensure Bluetooth functionality, try to pair a different device (not your AirPods). 

For instance, use Bluetooth to connect your computer and phone. If pairing isn't working with your PC either, your device—not your AirPods—is probably the source of the issue.

Check your Bluetooth

Check your Bluetooth

Restart your device

Restart your iPhone and try to connect your AirPods again, for instance, if you're having trouble pairing them with it. Occasionally, issues such as this one can be resolved with just a simple restart.

Clean the AirPods

To clean your AirPods and charging case, all you need to do is use a microfiber cloth, cotton swab, or any other tiny, soft tools. Make sure that you don't clean your AirPods charging case with detergent or submerge them in water.

Considering that it comes with everything you need to keep your AirPods clean, an AirPods cleaning kit is also helpful.

Clean your AirPods

Clean your AirPods

Turn Bluetooth off and on

You can't find AirPods on Bluetooth in case of a poor Bluetooth connection. Thus, consider if your iPhone's Bluetooth connection is accessible, as AirPods require Bluetooth rather than Wi-Fi to function or connect to a device. 

To check if your AirPods appear, you may toggle off and then reopen Bluetooth after 10 seconds. You can also open the lip of your AirPods case to reveal the AirPods. 

Alternatively, restart Bluetooth by turning on and off Airplane Mode. To activate Airplane Mode on your iPhone, just swipe down from the Control Center, then turn it off after 10 seconds.

Turn Bluetooth off and on

Turn Bluetooth off and on

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Update your device & reset the AirPods

If you are logged in with the same Apple ID, AirPods will immediately pair with your smartphone. However, a certain version has to be updated on your device.

Depending on which operating system you are running, adhere to the following steps to update to the most recent version and reset your AirPods:

  • Step 1: If you’re using an iPhone or iPad, go to Settings > General > Software Update > Download and Install to check if your device is running the most recent version

Select Download and Install

Select Download and Install

If you are using a Mac, go to System Settings > General > Software Update in macOS Ventura or newer. With earlier versions of macOS, just go to System Preferences > Software Update. If there are updates, go ahead and download & install them.

Update your Mac device

Update your Mac device

AirPods not showing up on Bluetooth windows 10? Go to Settings > Windows Update and press the Check for updates button.

Select the Check for updates on Windows

Select the Check for updates on Windows

In case you are using an Android device, go to Settings > System Update.

Fix AirPods not showing up on Bluetooth Android

Fix AirPods not showing up on Bluetooth Android

  • Step 2: Put your AirPods inside the case and wait for 30 seconds. Unpair your AirPods from your Apple or non-Apple device if they show up there.

  • Step 3: Press and hold the setup button on the back of the case for approximately 15 seconds, or until the amber and then white status light flashes.

  • Step 4: With the charging case lid open and your AirPods inside, place your AirPods so they are in close proximity to your iPhone or iPad to reconnect.

  • Step 5: Finally, adhere to the instructions displayed on your device's screen. For Macs and other non-Apple devices, confirm that your Bluetooth is turned on.

Get your AirPods repaired

The physical damage to your AirPods should be the last reason to 

AirPods not showing up on Bluetooth to connect. 

Consider whether your AirPods were subjected to any external impacts, such as being dropped on the ground, wet, smashed, etc. 

Next, get in touch with AirPods Support to schedule a repair appointment for your AirPods at an Apple Store or Authorized Service Provider.

Final Words

To address the issue of the AirPods not showing up on Bluetooth on iPhones, iPads, or other devices, try the methods we've listed above. One by one, you can test them to see what's causing the issue. 

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