5 Best Whiskey Stones to Make Your Drinks Perfectly Cool [Buying Guides & Reviews]

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Whisky Stones have emerged as a popular accessory among whiskey enthusiasts and connoisseurs alike, offering a novel solution to the age-old dilemma of how to chill whiskey without diluting its flavor. To understand more about these perfect Whisky Stones, keep reading this article. 

Best whisky stones

Best whisky stones

What are Whisky Stones?

Whisky Stones are traditionally crafted from non-porous soapstone or, more recently, stainless steel. These stones are designed to chill drinks without diluting them, providing a simple yet effective solution for maintaining the integrity of the drink's flavor. 

They are stored in the freezer and added to whiskey or other spirits to keep them cold while preserving their taste. Whisky Stones, also known as whiskey rocks, are a timeless and practical addition to any bar, combining functionality with a touch of elegance for whiskey enthusiasts.

What is a whisky stone?

What is a whisky stone?

Kind of Whisky Stones

Whisky Stones differ based on the materials from which they are crafted. They are designed to maintain cool temperatures without diluting drinks. Simply store them in the freezer for approximately one to two hours, depending on the material used. 

Once sufficiently chilled, add them to your glass, where they can lower the temperature of poured whiskey to around 11°C. Various types of Whisky Stones are available:

  • Soapstone

  • Granite

  • Marble

  • Stainless steel

What to Look for in Whisky Stones?

When shopping for whisky stone, consider the following factors:

Material: Opt for nonporous materials like soapstone or stainless steel. Soapstone maintains a consistent temperature, while stainless steel cools drinks quickly. Keep in mind that soapstone doesn't chill hot drinks. Stainless steel is lightweight and more expensive but offers rapid chilling. Stones for whisky typically keep drinks cool for about an hour.

Size: Whisky Stones are available in various sizes and shapes, including large orbs, cubes, or smaller blocks for stacking. Choose smaller stones for individual glasses or a larger one for overall chilling. Larger stones may be bulky in the glass but provide more cold surface area.

What to look for in Whisky Stones

What to look for in Whisky Stones

Packaging: Look for options with a carrying case or bag to prevent loose storage in the freezer. It's essential to use an airtight package to avoid freezer odors transferring to your drink. If your stones whisky comes with a bag or box, ensure it's airtight for optimal storage.

Best Whisky Stones

Rabbit Chilling Stones


  • Included case

  • Jumbo sized

  • Can be engraved


  • Can be clunky in drinks

These oversized stones are engineered to chill beverages faster than many smaller alternatives on the market. Measuring 1.5 inches on each side, you only need one cube for each drink.

The set of two comes in a sealed case, which is particularly advantageous as it shields the stones from any unwanted flavors that may be present in your freezer. Forgot to place them in the case? Don't worry! The cubes are made of odor-resistant stainless steel.

After use, these cubes can be easily cleaned in the dishwasher, offering convenient cleanup. For an exceptional gift option, Rabbit provides custom engraving services.

Amerigo Whisky Stones Gift Set


  • Suave carrying case

  • Full set for gifting

  • Small enough to customize the temperature


  • Experienced drinkers may not want full set

This gift set exudes elegance and offers excellent value for money. Encased in a handcrafted wooden box, it includes two classic crystal whiskey glasses and eight granite cubes stored in a velvet pouch. These cubes effectively maintain the perfect temperature of your beverage without dilution, ensuring that your spirit retains 100 percent of its original flavors.

Ideal for both novice whiskey enthusiasts and those seeking prolonged drink cooling without compromise, this set makes a memorable gift. Whether for a birthday, housewarming, or wedding party, it's sure to impress. As a bonus, the recipient will receive a complimentary e-book on "The Art of Whisky."


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Kollea Whisky Stones


  • Elegant gift box

  • Cool drinks without diluting 

  • Small enough to customize the temperature


  • Experienced drinkers may not want full set

One of the best whisky stones, Kollea Whisky Stones Set is crafted with premium quality. This set includes eight stainless steel cubes, a silicone-tipped tong, all elegantly presented in a gift box. Backed by a 45-day money-back guarantee and a 24-month warranty, it ensures satisfaction and durability.

Unlike traditional ice cubes that dilute your drink, these reusable cubes cool without altering the flavor, guaranteeing an undiluted drinking experience. Made from food-grade stainless steel, these Whisky Stones are safe for use in beverages and can be easily cleaned for reuse.

Achieve the perfect temperature for your favorite drink swiftly. For a 250ml serving of whiskey, use 2-3 cubes to reach 18°C/64.4°F in just 45 seconds. Alternatively, chill your drink to the ideal temperature by adding 3-5 cubes to 250ml of liquid within 40 seconds.

This set makes a thoughtful gift for birthdays, anniversaries, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year, housewarmings, and more, spreading joy and celebrating the spirit of camaraderie.

Premium Whisky Stones Gift Set 


  • Elegant gift box

  • Versatile for all drinks


  • Small dimensions

The Toros Black marble, hailing from the Mesopotamian region, known as the cradle of civilization, imbues accessories with an elegant appearance and unique texture. Carefully selected from large pieces, the Taurus Black Whisky Stones, steeped in Anatolia's rich history, are transformed into 12 distinct pieces. 


These Whisky Stones, bearing witness to a glorious past, serve as both a stylish addition to your barware and an enhancer of your whiskey drinking experience. With the promise of no dilution and the preservation of original taste, these stones cater to those desiring a cooler whiskey without compromising its flavor. 

Suitable for use with various beverages, including gin, wine, vodka, and water, they ensure an unadulterated drinking experience. The granite Whisky Stones offer the optimal temperature to savor the unique aroma of your whiskey, stabilizing it for consumption over an extended period without freezing its ingredients. 

Whiskey Chilling Stones 


  • Thoughtful design

  • Useful tray for serving

  • Made with recycled materials


  • Keep whiskey cool in a short time

These granite rocks infused with recycled glass originate from the shores of New England before undergoing meticulous carving into smooth, rounded stones. Due to this upcycled method and handcrafted approach, each rock possesses its own unique characteristics reminiscent of the diversity found in whiskey itself—resulting in variations in color and shape.


To provide a comprehensive experience, designers offer a set comprising six granite rocks. The tray, crafted from ethically sourced hardwood, complements the set's aesthetic appeal. During gatherings, use the tray to present Whisky Stones to your guests. Once enjoyed, simply rinse the stones or place them in the dishwasher before returning them to the tray and placing them in the freezer for convenient chilling.

How to use Whisky Stones?

Using Whisky Stones is simple and straightforward. Here's a step-by-step whisky stones use:

  • Clean the Whisky Stones: Before using them for the first time, wash the Whisky Stones thoroughly with water.

  • Freeze the Whisky Stones: Place the cleaned Whisky Stones in the freezer and let them freeze for at least 4 hours or overnight. This ensures that they are adequately chilled and ready for use.

  • Add the Whisky Stones to your drink: Once frozen, remove the Whisky Stones from the freezer and add them directly to your glass of whiskey or other spirits. You can typically use 2-3 Whisky Stones for a standard-sized glass.

Use Whisky Stones to enhance its flavor

Use Whisky Stones to enhance its flavor

  • Enjoy your drink: Let the Whisky Stones sit in your drink for a few minutes to chill it to your desired temperature. The cool whisky stones freeze the drink without diluting it with water, allowing you to enjoy the full flavor of your whiskey or spirit.

  • Clean and store the Whisky Stones: After use, rinse the Whisky Stones with water to remove any residue. Once clean, dry the Whisky Stones thoroughly and return them to the freezer for future use.

Using Whisky Stones is a convenient and effective way to chill your drink without diluting its flavor, providing a refreshing and enjoyable drinking experience.

Wrap up

Whisky Stones offer a convenient and efficient way to chill your drink without diluting its flavor, ensuring a refreshing and enjoyable drinking experience. Whether made from soapstone, granite, or stainless steel, these reusable stones effectively maintain the temperature of your whiskey or other spirits, allowing you to savor the full depth of their flavor profile. With the list of the best Whisky Stones above, hope you find it helpful.

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