QR Codes Coupons: Step-by-step guide on how to create them

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QR codes coupons is a great method that organizations are applying to build trusting connections with consumers.

This way operates with traditional printing coupons in parallel. 

If your business is thinking about adopting it but don’t know it clearly, read this article for more details.  

Understanding about QR code coupons

Understanding about QR code coupons

What Are QR Codes Coupons?

A QR code coupon is a specific kind of dynamic QR code that offers the tracking metrics you require for coupon marketing campaigns. 

You can provide your consumers with discount coupons by using a QR code. After scanning, users are taken to a coupon page with a "Get Coupon" button.

They can click on it to examine the Coupon ID, its validity, the terms and restrictions, etc., and to redeem the coupon.

Specifically, QR code coupons generates a page for your coupon that shows the information below:

  • A featured image, and brand colors that are changeable.

  • Your business name, a catchy headline, and a succinct synopsis of what you do.

  • A sales badge that can be added that details your coupon.

 QR code on badges

 QR code on badges

  • The choice to submit your own barcode for customers to redeem in-person or to utilize a text code to redeem online.

  • The terms and conditions for redemption as well as the date of validity.

  • Users are directed to your website with a CTA button that they can customize to use the coupon there.

  • Where you are (useful for businesses with physical locations).

There are three primary sorts of coupons that merchants and retailers might use in their sale promotions.

Time-limited coupon

One of the most popular QR codes coupons formats is this one. 

By letting customers be constrained by time-limited coupons, which some of the coupons you redeem may have a 5 to 24-hour validity, it can assist businesses raise their sales.

Patron’s special discount coupon

Businesses reward consumers who have done business with them for a long period with a unique discount voucher. 

This particular kind of coupon is made especially as their way of saying "thank you" to them.

Coupons in restaurants patrons

Coupons in restaurants patrons

Free shipping coupon

Shipping goods from the seller directly to your home might be pricey these days as online shopping becomes more and more popular. 

Because of this, retailers who ship products to customers utilize free shipping promotions to draw in customers.

Why Should You Use QR Codes Coupons?

Here are some additional advantages that QR codes coupons can provide for your clients in addition to providing them a discount on their purchase.

Digitize your coupons

For businesses that employ print marketing and have physical retail locations, using QR code coupons has the greatest benefit of streamlining the print to digital conversion process. 

Coupon marketing is a fantastic strategy to increase sales regardless of the type of business you operate or whether you're online or offline. 

To attract more foot traffic, increase brand awareness, enliven dormant seasons, and advertise new goods or services. 

QR code coupons are the perfect digital coupon solution since they combine mobile-friendly content with multi-channel marketing.

Optimized for mobile use

Mobile-friendly redemption of QR code coupons is available. 

The majority of consumers own smartphones and use it to buy products online, thus it's easy for them to use and redeem a coupon when it has a QR code.

Shopping online becomes more convenient with QR code

Shopping online becomes more convenient with QR code

Fasten coupon hunting

Coupon hunters can't get enough of collecting the coupons because they have been incorporated into the products available on the market. 

In order to facilitate coupon hunting, coupon QR code is created.

Coupon hunting becomes more efficient by just including them on their website and fliers.

Promote dual-platform marketing

Unlike another type of barcodes, QR codes can connect the two main marketing channels of print and digital.

Your firm can expand from print to digital platforms with the use of QR codes in their sale promotions.

Editable and can be measured

The ability to alter and measure QR codes for coupons is one reason why they are beneficial for businesses. 

Using QR codes is a terrific idea because it's crucial to gauge how well sales are performing.

You can track your QR code in real-time and find out where scans are being taken from by using dynamic QR codes.

Scan qr code coupons

Scan qr code coupons


It is less expensive to create a QR code for it than to use real coupons. 

Making one for your sale is fantastic because using them might help you save enough money for your upcoming launch.

Unique styles

With a QR Code Coupon, adding your brand's style is by no means problematic. Both your coupon page and the QR code coupon itself can be customized with your company's brand colors and logo. 

Additionally, QR codes can include distinctive design components like a frame with a special call to action and fun edges.

QR coupons benefits

QR coupons benefits

How To Make QR Codes Coupons?

This section is based on the website QRTIGER.

These 6 easy steps will show you how to create a coupon QR code.


Opening a trustworthy QR code maker like QRTIGER is the first step in creating your coupon QR code.

People of all ages may create their QR codes with no interruptions using QRTIGER, a simple and practical QR code generator with an ad-free interface.

When choosing a QR code maker, a user should consider two important characteristics: credibility to create authentic QR codes and a variety of alternatives for use.

Pick the category where you wish to insert your coupon

Continue choosing the category you want to include your discount with after starting the QR code generator. 

Here are some QR code categories that you might want to use because the embedding of QR codes depends on the data you have.

Redeeming a URL QR code coupon is the best option if you want your consumers to apply their discounts immediately after scanning the code to a URL.

  • File: Uploading a coupon file into a QR code is a terrific approach to allow people to download and print coupons.

  • H5 page: Using an H5 page is appropriate if you want to conduct a mini-program for your clients before they can utilize the discount.

  • Multi-URL: The Multi-URL QR code category is the best to use for time-limited and location-based coupons.

You choose the time field and continue to construct one. 

You fill out the necessary fields after selecting the QR code category.

Choose the right category you want to embed your coupon

Choose the right category you want to embed your coupon


You may now create your QR code after selecting the appropriate QR code category for your coupons.

You should construct it as a dynamic QR code for a safer and more durable QR code usage.

Personalize your QR code

After you have made your QR code, you may customize it by picking from a variety of themes and designs or by creating your own by selecting from a range of patterns, colors, and eye shapes.

You should add your logo and call to action to increase brand recognition and increase scans.

Start a scan test

Run a scan test after tweaking it to make sure the QR code leads to the intended page and to catch any mistakes early. 

This will help you keep your store's couponing from going horribly wrong.

Run a test scan with your QR code coupons

Run a test scan with your QR code coupons

Get your QR code and use it

You can continue downloading and deploying your QR code if you are pleased with the results of your scan test. 

The best option is to download them in an SVG file if you intend to print them.

This format is designed to retain excellent QR code output.

Step by step on how to make QR code coupons

Step by step on how to make QR code coupons

Use Cases Of Coupon QR Codes

The use of coupon QR codes is evident in these significant use cases since couponing is one technique for consumers to save money when making purchases.


Software purchases can be expensive. 

Certain software businesses are integrating subscription revenues into their products since some software supplied today requires a yearly or monthly subscription.

Some of them include a QR code for a coupon to lend an element of surprise to the discounts they offer. 

Their clients may be thrilled to use it to scan a discount they are eligible for.

Book publications

Giving your customers a coupon for a respectable discount is one approach to encourage them to purchase the products you are selling.

QR code on books

QR code on books

Retail and wholesale shops

People adore shopping at a place that rewards them with freebies and discounts.

One approach to do this is to offer freebies or discounts for each item customers purchase when they reach a certain threshold in order to promote the retail and wholesale shops' goods sales.

They can encourage customers to shop at their store by embedding coupon QR codes in their merchandise.

Restaurants and bars

Diners love to eat at a specific percentage discount with the food they adore in addition to the delicious treats they always appreciate when dining. 

Due to this, pubs and eateries are providing their regular customers with QR codes for coupons.

Consumer goods

In the past, coupons were created to help people save money when purchasing necessities. 

The usage of QR codes for coupons is being added as technology develops so that customers can scan them and use them.

Many consumable brands can sell their products more quickly as a result of their innovation in this area.

Scan code to get discounts on supermarkets

Scan code to get discounts on supermarkets

Movie theaters

Encourage user retention with QR Codes by offering them a discount of 20% on their subsequent movie tickets or a free bag of popcorn.

Also, you can create a QR code for games to give special mini gifts to loyal customers on big holidays. 

Online food delivery

Do you want another order? 

Add a discount coupon with a QR Code to the food packaging to expand your business.

QR Code Coupon Best Practices

Some of the best practices you need to know of QR Code Coupon include:

Discount codes

You can decide whether to use a barcode or a text code to show off your savings. 

Make sure the text code you choose is specific to the campaign so you can monitor its effectiveness. 

Discount coupons

Discount coupons

"NEWLAUNCH10" is an example of a promotional code that buyers can use to receive 10% off any items from a new launch. 

Simply add your own barcode so customers can quickly redeem it at the checkout counter if you need the coupons to be used in-store.

Minimum size

Because it helps prevent QR Code scanning troubles and is big enough for customers to observe, all QR Codes should be at least 2 by 2 cm (about 0.8 x 0.8 in) in size. 

If you're unsure about the size of your QR Code, use a larger version to avoid any errors. 

Even on enormous poster advertisements, QR Codes can be rendered large enough to read.


Including your logo on your QR Code Coupon is a fantastic way to increase brand recognition. 

The fact that the QR Code is connected to a reputable business also gives users a sense of security.

Custom QR code with your logo

Custom QR code with your logo


Using brand colors provides your QR Code a professional appearance, increases brand awareness, and makes it easier for it to blend in with your marketing graphics. 

However, there are some specifics to bear in mind, such as keeping the quiet zone and always utilizing a darker color for the foreground (the black and square pixels themselves) and a lighter color for the backdrop. 

Printing formats

Four distinct image file types, including JPG, PNG, EPS, and even SVG, can be used to print QR codes. 

The various file types provide you the flexibility to change the size, add your own unique aspects, and include them quickly into your marketing materials using any photo-editing program.

See also: barcode on postcard

How To Maximize QR Codes Coupons?

These 4 helpful recommendations are recommended by QR code specialists in order to get the most out of your coupon QR code.

Keep a visually appealing QR code look

Experts in QR codes advise users to make their QR codes attractive in order to increase scannability and QR code impressions.

Choose the ideal color scheme for your QR code in order to have a visually appealing code.

Make your QR code appealing

Make your QR code appealing

A color contrast rule is developed to help choose the optimal color palette.

According to the guideline, the background color should never be lighter than the foreground color.

Additionally, using bright hues like yellow and other pastel colors is strongly prohibited.

Customize QR codes

Experts on QR codes advise users to add their logo and call to action to the QR code design to make it look more professional.

Customers will then understand who owns the coupon QR code and what it refers to. Additionally, they can discover what data they can

Select the right size and placement

The ideal size and location for your QR code should be chosen, according to QR code specialists. 

The minimum QR code size when choosing the appropriate size for paper is 3 cm by 3 cm (1.18 in x1.18 in).

It is advisable to arrange your QR code at eye level and in places without a wrinkle or fold for a better scanning position.

Choose the right size for QR code

Choose the right size for QR code

Print high-quality outputs

The best course of action is to print them in a high-quality format to avoid having a pixelated or blurred QR code output.

Experts in QR codes advise that you download your QR code in SVG or EPS format before printing one.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
Can QR codes be used for coupons?
Yes, they can. A digital coupon can be accessed by scanning a QR Code, and they are called QR Code Coupons.
How do QR codes coupons work?
Users that scan a QR code for a coupon are taken to your coupon page. They can click 'Get Coupon' to find out the coupon's ID, expiration date, and T&C and to actually use the coupon.
Can I edit the offer details after creating the QR code?
Yes, a QR code for a discount can be changed. A QR code for a coupon is dynamic by default, so you can change it without printing a new one.
Is the coupon page customizable?
The coupon page is indeed editable. To give it a unique style, you can alter the color and background image.
Do QR codes expire?
No, they don’t. A Quick Link appears behind the QR code. The QR code will keep functioning as long as the Quick Link is live.


The use of QR codes has emerged as one of the ways that businesses create their coupons as the manner of couponing has moved toward the digital era. Recently, Barcodelive has shared with you better knowledge about QR Codes Coupons and how to create and use them thanks to the information provided above.

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