Paper-Based QR Code Ticketing at Central Park's Karunamoyee

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Following the implementation of paper-based QR code ticketing at Sealdah and Salt Lake Sector V stations, EastWest Metro's Karunamoyee and Central Park Metro stations (Green Line) have now adopted the system.

Starting on the evening of January 4, this facility has been accessible at these two stations.

Metro users will now be able to buy paper tickets with QR codes from these two stations in addition to Sealdah and Salt Lake Sector V. 

Thus, passengers can purchase this ticket by utilizing this ticketing capability at four of the eight Green Line operating stations. 

Paper-based QR code ticketing at Karunamoyee

Paper-based QR code ticketing at Karunamoyee

Note that on October 11, 2023, at the Sealdah Metro station, the Green Line launched this alternate ticketing system for the first time.

This technology was created by the Centre for Railway Information Systems (CRIS) and is already well-liked by Metro riders. 

As part of that effort, the paper-based QR code ticketing system will be expanded, and commuters will be able to use Metro services by purchasing Paper-Based QR Code Tickets at all Green Line stations.

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Rating: 4.6 - 50Votes



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