How Are International Barcodes Generated? A Full Explanation

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International barcodes technology is extensive in all aspects of our modern lives. 

Nonetheless, many people still ignore barcodes and think that this is not a good technology when selling products all over the world. 

But, in fact, they play an important role in our business.

Now, let us explain what these barcodes are and the system as well.

Understand more about the international barcodes 

Understand more about the international barcodes

About International Barcodes

International barcodes are simply barcodes made for international utilization in retail industries. 

These are different from internal use as the businesses made and applied in their internal systems only. 

They could be EAN-13, UPC-A barcodes, or other certain products created in sales of retail stores. 

These barcodes provide international packages or products and ensure the origin. 

As a result, businesses are confident in guaranteeing a steady production process. 

Should you use this kind of barcode?

Should you use this kind of barcode?

GS1 is the main organization that creates and manages the International Barcoding system. 

By collecting annual membership fees and joining fees for the ability to use the barcodes, GS1 also grants barcode numbers to individuals directly.

They offer tags for a specific purpose and charge fees (annual and joining fees) to use the barcodes officially. 

Other organizations sell barcodes in an identical system but these codes still come from GS1. 

Codes that come from barcode resellers are lower than buying a barcode directly from GS1. 

Several types of EAN barcodes and GS1

Several types of EAN barcodes and GS1

How Does The International Barcode System Work?

As mentioned earlier, these barcodes could be EAN-13 or UPC-A barcodes, inheriting similar databases with unique numbers. 

The system is managed by GS1 to make sure that each number or digit is only indicated to one product. 

Double ups and confusion in outlets or stores has never happened. 

Moreover, GS1 releases codes to memberships (people or firms). 

GS1 also leases numbers out to people who are memberships – they usually charge a joining fee and annual membership fees.

International barcode has a simple network

International barcode has a simple network

What Types Of International Barcodes Should I Get?

When buying barcodes, you can get lots of options. Do you want to receive EAN-13 barcodes or UPCs? 

Generally, where you will sell your product will mostly determine whether you choose the EAN-13 or UPC-A format. 

While EAN-13 barcodes are more prevalent worldwide, UPC barcodes are more often utilized in the USA.

Once you have decided on the right format for you, it is time to buy barcodes GS1

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UPC or EAN barcode?

UPC or EAN barcode?

Where To Buy An International Barcode?

You can find an international barcode on a retail barcode page of a reseller or you ought to look for barcodes via the GS1 page. 

They provide both EAN-13 codes and UPC-A ones. 

After accessing the page and finding yours, do not forget to register and pay barcodes. Pay by card (mostly credit card) or e-wallet. 

Some resellers offer bank transfers, so they send you a form invoice.  

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In a standard barcode package, you will get: 

  • Unique barcode number 

  • A certificate of the barcodes 

  • Images of the barcode (4 types formats of images: jpeg, pdf, png, and SVG) 

  • A file of barcode registration 

The package will be sent to your email, so you need to check your email box regularly. 

Let’s sum up what we’ve gone through in today’s post!

About international barcodes

About international barcodes

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
Which barcode is used in the USA?

If your products will be sold in the US, you will use UPC-A barcodes. 

This is the most widespread barcode in North American retailers. 

UPC barcodes make sure that all packages and products are accurately recognized at the checkout, warehouses, and distribution centers. 

Could I use EAN barcodes in the USA?

No, you couldn’t. They have different formats, so people use them in their own areas. 

UPCs are available options for North American regions while Euro zones prefer EAN codes. 

Does a barcode tell where a product is made?

No, it doesn’t. 

The barcode prefix or the first two to three digits of a barcode does not display the country origin. 

In other words, you cannot identify a product, an item, or a package – where they come from. 

The number or digit in the tag states who own the product, what the product is, and the official license only. 

Therefore, you have to scan by a machine to know where a product is made. 

Could I reuse international barcodes?

Although you can reuse barcodes, it is not helpful in your production process. 

You can do it when you do another run or batch of previous products or packages. 

Final Words

International barcode is something that you see every day and everywhere, but you often do not mind a lot. These codes have a few small lines with numbers on the back of a package, an item, or a product. 

By seeing a tag on the back, you could not know the country's origin. For that reason, you should bear in mind this point. After all, you just need to realize that UPCs are used in the US and Canada while EAN codes are prevalent international barcodes in Europe.


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