9 Best Indian Beers That Beer Lovers Must Try At Least Once

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The top 9 best Indian beers below will help you get greater choices for amazing and unique beer flavors. 

These beers are famous brands worldwide with crowded drinkers. Yet, each brand has distinctive features and tastes for you to choose from.   

Let’s thoroughly look at the updated list of famous beers in India below. 

The best Indian beers

The best Indian beers

History of Indian Beer

Tasty and strong beers in India began many centuries ago, around 1500 BC. The composition consisted of fermented barley and rice drinks flavored with spices and local fruits. 

Yet, this is not the modern beer we are familiar with, containing malted barley, yeast, hops, and water.

In 1716, this European-style beer was imported from England to India. Ales arrived in India in the late 1700s from England since the climate there did not allow beer brewing.

Then, the Pale Ale and Porter consumed by the British in India led to new styles featuring higher alcohol strength and hop profiles. It's also the now infamous IPA or India Pale Ale.

The IPA's demise was finalized long before the British left India. Whiskey, opium, brandy, red wine, and gin (gin and tonic water) slowly replaced beer in the late 1800s and early 1900s. 

History of Indian beer

History of Indian beer

When the British left, IPAs went with them. Pioneering brewers in India began brewing the styles that replaced pale ale worldwide: pilsners and lagers, flooding the country with pilsners and lagers.  

The result is to produce multiple larger varieties, and a strong lager, which is high-gravity lager (6-8% ABV) brewed with a malted barley combination and some additives. 

These beers vary in flavor profile in the mouth, with pronounced sweet malt notes intertwined with fusel alcohol on the nose and sometimes sour bitterness. 

Still, these beers satisfy the Indian palate and are cheap yet affordable but strong.

What Are The Best Indian Beers? 

These are some of the best microbrews to watch out for as a beer-loving traveler in India. This list avoids imported brands because travelers will likely want to experience something new.

Local Indian beer brands are the most common, as imported beers have prices much higher than local ones.

So check out India's best strongest beer in India brands!

The list of best Indian beers

The list of best Indian beers


Kingfisher Strong Beer is a well-known beer brand created by United Breweries Bangalore group in the 1970s. 

Kingfisher beers have a pleasing balance of malty and citrusy grains, giving them a new flavor. The taste of Kingfisher is refreshing and clean, with citrus undertones and pleasant bitterness. 

A carefree beer that always promises a good mood, as the slogan "King of the Good Times" already says.


  • Kingfisher Ultra

  • Kingfisher Premium

  • Kingfisher Strong




Another very common beer in India, Budweiser is a medium-bodied American-style drink brewed with exquisite barley and hops. Thus, it also has become one of the best Indian beer in USA. 

Alcohol percentage Budweiser is 5% and is associated with the first beer taste in India and worldwide.

Sold in wine shops and bars across India, it is characterized by its tasty flavor and crisp texture. Budweiser features a certain smoothness and is widely drunk around the world. 


  • Budweiser Supreme

  • Budweiser Select

  • Budweiser Select 55

  • Budweiser Chelada

  • Budweiser Zero

Budweiser-a great option for beer lovers worldwide 

Budweiser-a great option for beer lovers worldwide 

Royal Challenge

Royal Challenge has become one of the strongest beer in India by alcohol content

Like the Godfather, Royal Challenge includes a long-brewing cycle of changing the taste. This beer gives you a great drinking experience with a smooth taste. 


  • Antiquity Blue 

  • Antiquity Rare

Royal Challenge beer is one of the good brands in India

Royal Challenge beer is one of the good brands in India


Carlsberg is one of the world's strongest beer price in India with the malicious slogan "Probably the best beer in the world." 

A product with nearly 200 years of tradition, Carlsberg was founded in 1811 by a creator named Jacob Christian Jacobsen. Its fresh, crisp taste has maintained its place among beer lovers.


  • Carlsberg Pilsner 

  • Carlsberg Beer 

  • Carlsberg Elephant

  • Kronenbourg 1664

  • Grimbergen

  • Tetley's English Ale

  • Okocim

Carlsberg is a famous beer manufacturer worldwide

Carlsberg is a famous beer manufacturer worldwide


Heineken is a Dutch beer company founded in 1873 by Gerard Adriaan Heineken. Heineken's Pale Lager is the finest in the country with its red star and recognizable green bottle.

As it became one of the most strongest beer in India, it was sent to several countries.

Made with only the triple ingredients of barley, hops, and distilled water, you can get a stable and unique flavor all year round. Heineken is a Scotch ale malt beer with a sweet taste and rich yellowish-brown color.

Heineken-One of the Indian strongest beer brands worldwide 

Heineken-One of the Indian strongest beer brands worldwide 


  • Heineken strong larger beer


Tuborg Strong, one of the strongest beer in India, appears to be the most effective Tuborg-style beer released in response to the Indian consumer base's desire for stronger beer.

Carlsberg makes Tuborg Brewery in India and is considered one of the country's most luxurious bottle-fermented malt beers. 

Tuborg Green is smooth and natural, with a perfect balance of floral and cereal aromas. This medium-bodied, low-sweet beer comes at an incredibly affordable price. 


  • Tuborg Strong premium 

  • Tuborg Green 

Tuborg is a healthy and tasty beer brand worldwide

Tuborg is a healthy and tasty beer brand worldwide

Haywards 5000 Strong Lager

The Haywards Beer Label is widely revered for its 7% ABV hard-hit stout, Haywards 5000. 

The brand was launched in 1974 to expand the Haywards Alcohol Company, best known for its Haywards 2000 pale beer, founded in the 1900s. 

This brand is one of the strongest beer in the India served at restaurants. And, if you can drink beer and break the winning record, you'll get a beer for free.


  • Haywards 5000 ultra-strong beer 

Haywards 5000 is the good Indian beer

Haywards 5000 is the good Indian beer


The Corona is made in Mexico, but AB InBev in Belgium owns the production company. 

Corona Extra beer is smoother than the typical beer you are used to, with a nice mix of grain and malt flavors. It gives you a comfortable, noticeable dryness with minimal bitterness and throaty sweetness. 


  • Corona Extra Beer




The Godfather is the label for the iconic beer of Devans Modern Breweries Limited, which began production in Jammu in 1961. 

Beer is roughly divided into three types: strong (7.5% alcohol), lager (5% alcohol), and light (4.5% alcohol). Thus, Godfather is the right option to which beer has highest alcohol in India.

Godfather is a surprisingly easy-to-drink lager with a smooth taste of key grain sweetness, distinctive smoke, and a rich body. 


  • Godfather strong beer 

  • Godfather Lager beer 

  • Godfather Lite beer

Godfather-The available strongest beer in India

Godfather-The available strongest beer in India

Are you curious about what is the strongest beer in the world? It is Brewmeister Snake Venom Ale with an ABV of 67.5%. Check out the other 4 in Barcode Live!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
1. Does India have good beer?

Yes, India has various beer types with good quality, such as Bira 91, Kingfisher, Budweiser, and Heineken. 

2. Why do Indians prefer strong beer?

Indians prefer strong beer because it is better than strong liquor or alcohol. In addition, Indians love strong beer for cultural and religious reasons. 

Also, strong beer gives them powerful strength and spirit. 

Which is the oldest Indian beer?

Brewed by Asia's first brewery and India's oldest brewery, Mohan Meakin, Golden Eagle was the number-one beer in the country until the launch of Kingfisher in the early 1980s.

Wrapping Up

The above is the latest list of the best beer brands in India. You can consider the features and taste of each one to choose the most favorite beer. 

Yet, note that all of the best Indian beers have their unique local flavors that keep beer lovers coming back.

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