White Valentine’s Day March 14th: Everything You Need To Know

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Valentine's Day is historically employed by women in Japan as a chance to express their affection for one another, in contrast to the West where gift-giving is often a reciprocal act.

In a notably patriarchal society, the Japanese Valentine's Day tradition gives women a chance to make their own kokuhaku (confession of love), whether it takes the form of chocolate, flowers, or a more unexpected gift. 

White Day is celebrated a month later, on March 14. So how did this tradition come to find its place on the Japanese calendar?

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Japan's March Valentine's Day 2024

Japan's March Valentine's Day 2024

How Did White Day Start?

Valentine's Day "answer day" was first put forward in 1978 with support from the Japanese National Confection Industry Association.

Since it was customary for women to give chocolate gifts on Valentine's Day in Japan, it was determined that men should have a day to return the favor. 

Flowers, white chocolate, lingerie, jewelry, and other things are given to the women who gave them gifts a month ago as a way of expressing gratitude.

The origin of White Day

The origin of White Day

What to Gift on White Day?

Travelers visiting modern Tokyo with the Japan Rail Pass in the run-up to Valentine's Day will be able to how far this custom has developed, as many stores now overflow with colorful displays and delicately flavored and wrapped chocolates.

A variety of chocolate-making tools are also available in various stores in February for more individualized gifts. 

If you would want to celebrate White Day but lack the time to make handmade chocolate, you might want to think about the following options:

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