Mother's Day Gift For Pregnant Mom: Top Ideas for New & Mother-To-Be

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A significant turning point in the first year of parenthood? Of course, Mother's Day. And a unique gift is perfect for a newlywed mother. 

A day off to spend some well-earned alone time is arguably the best way to show a new mother some love. 

Undoubtedly, a practical Mother's Day gift for pregnant mom will also work its magic.

Uncertain about where to start your search? We have done the searching for you and compiled gift suggestions just for the mom who is a first-time parent.

Remember that Mother's Day falls on the second Sunday in May every year, so plan beforehand to beat the rush!

Mother's Day gifts for pregnant first time moms

Mother's Day gifts for pregnant first time moms

Overall Gifts for Pregnant Moms on Mother's Day

Not sure where to start? See some of our top picks for first Mother's Day gifts for pregnant moms that are sure to please any expecting mom below.

RUVALINO Diaper Bag Backpack

RUVALINO Diaper Bag Backpack

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Breslatte Non Slip SocksBreslatte Non Slip Socks

7 colors available 

Under $15 get 4 pairs

hiccapop Pregnancy Body Wedge Pillow

hiccapop Pregnancy Body Wedge Pillow

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Sonogram Picture Frame

Sonogram Picture Frame


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kifasyo Momlife Tote

kifasyo Momlife Tote

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5 STARS UNITED Donut Pillow

5 STARS UNITED Donut Pillow

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First Mother's Day Gift for Pregnant Moms

Expecting mothers should enjoy Mother's Day too – Why not get an item to express your excitement for the journey ahead? Browse our recommendations below!

BrüMate Era 40 oz Tumbler

Everyone should drink enough water, but those who are pregnant or breastfeeding should drink more than anybody else. 

For this reason, a leakproof tumbler is a great Mother's Day gift.

This stylish water bottle with a straw lid will make it easier for your loved one to remember to drink enough water each day. It can hold cold, fizzy drinks and maintain their ideal temperature for more than twenty-four hours. 

Additionally, this stylish water bottle is available in a variety of trendy patterns and colors.

Bedsure Fleece Bed Blankets


Still trying to find the ideal Mother's Day gift for pregnant first time mom? This cuddly gift is guaranteed to be a hit if she's in nesting mode.

This flannel fleece blanket's upgraded materials maintain the perfect balance of warmth to weight. When she's ready to cuddle, enjoy being held by this soft, soothing blanket.

This incredibly soft blanket, which is available in a variety of sizes and colors, arrives in a colorful pre-wrapped packaging suitable for gift-giving.

Mom's One Line a Day: A Five-Year Memory Book


Since becoming a parent is a life-changing experience, many people enjoy documenting their journey. 

But let's be honest—not everyone has the time to devote to making a comprehensive scrapbook or penning in-depth journal entries. 

This clever one-line-a-day diary is helpful in this situation. 

Moms can record thoughts, memories, or significant events on each page, which has a daily entry for five consecutive years. 

Momcozy Pregnancy Pillows

The new pregnant pillows from Momcozy include a unique Cooling Cover with superior heat dissipation features. 

Stay cool and comfortable all night long—perfect for overheated sleepers during pregnancy or the summer!

Furthermore, the updated U-shaped body cushion design eases her into better sleep and relieves pregnancy-related body aches. Her entire body is hugged, with the belly, back, hips, and head all expertly supported.

ASAKUKI Aromatherapy Fragrant Oil Humidifier


A Mother's Day gift for pregnant woman of an aromatherapy diffuser would be perfect for expectant women who want to treat themselves to a little luxury as they rest. 

These diffusers are filled with essential oils (suggested Essentials oils by PURE AROMA) to create a light scent that fills the entire space.

The diffuser is now quieter than the gentle sound of breathing thanks to an upgraded ultra-quiet fan. The calming and aromatic atmosphere of her space is available to expectant mothers at any time.

Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula Pregnancy Skin Care Kit


This helpful skincare package helps minimize the appearance of scars and stretch marks during and after her pregnancy. 

It includes an assortment of Palmer's pregnant essentials, including Skin Therapy Body Oil for Stretch Marks, Tummy Butter Balm, Stretch Marks Cream, and Stretch Marks Lotion.

They contain only natural and high-quality ingredients, such as cocoa butter to smooth and soften skin; pro-vitamin B5 to relieve painful, cracked skin; collagen and elastin for firmness and stretchability, etc.

FridaBaby Hospital Packing Kit

Throw away the hospital bag packing list. From the first contraction to the first postpartum restroom break, this one-step postpartum package has you covered.

All labor and delivery necessities for hospital bags are created and packaged so that they may be given as gifts to expectant moms for registries and baby showers.

Postpartum necessities are included to help moms throughout labor and recovery. 

The hospital bag comes with toiletry bag packs that provide comfort right away after delivery. Besides, a handy caddy makes postpartum care easily accessible during every bathroom break.


First Mother’s Day Gifts for New Moms

Going above and beyond for a new mother is worthwhile because this is her first official Mother's Day celebration. 

After all, there are many highs and lows that come with pregnancy and parenthood, and these experiences should be honored. 

Therefore, choose Mother's Day gift for pregnant women that will treat and pamper her, as she will likely get a ton of baby stuff at her shower.

First Mother’s Day gifts for new moms

First Mother’s Day gifts for new moms

Aura Carver WiFi Digital Picture Frame

It might be difficult to select just one newborn picture to put on display. Fortunately, this digital image frame allows new parents to easily upload baby photos from their phone to the smart device. 

When the frame automatically compiles a slideshow of the family's photos, everyone will be overjoyed. 

Furthermore, it's among the best Mother's Day gifts for first time grandma or distant relatives, who live out of town.


Nurture by Nature RELAX & CALM Spa Kit

Gifts that provide much-needed rest and relaxation are the ideal Mother's Day gifts for pregnant woman, and this six-piece spa gift set delivers exactly that. 

It includes a deep relaxation bath bomb bar, deep sleep pillow mist, mood-boosting soy wax candle, lavender bath salts, and body scrub with shea butter and lavender.

Luxury ingredients offer the best value for money for the ideal home spa pampering session.


Kodak Wireless Mobile Photo Mini Color Printer

One thing is certain when becoming a new mother: a ton of baby photos. No matter where she is, she can print off all of her favorite photos directly from her phone with this wireless, portable tiny photo printer.

With the help of Zero-Ink innovation, expensive ink cartridges, toners, or ribbons are no longer necessary. 

Instead, 2" x 3" sticky-back paper with dye crystals embedded produces prints that are incredibly detailed, long-lasting, and resistant to rips, tears, and smudges.

Bubzi Co Baby Footprint Kit

Hold on to those priceless memories and don't let the fog of newborn tiredness fade them. 

This baby keepsake clay frame captures their little fingerprint, fingers, and toes for a lifetime. Carefully created from safe, non-toxic, long-lasting clay. 

With a smooth, long-lasting finish, this exquisite baby handprint and footprint memento package flawlessly captures your child's prints for a memory that will last a lifetime!


Loop Quiet Ear Plugs

She can use these earplugs to help her fall asleep when she does manage to get some rest. 

Made of soft silicone, Loop Quiet earplugs provide long-lasting and reusable hearing protection. They assist her in entering her bubble and muffle most noise. 

She can always find the ideal fit with these noise-reducing earplugs since they are available in 4 different sizes and 5 colors. 

Loop Quiet is a stylish accessory that shields her hearing thanks to its recognizable circular shape that fits well in her ears.


Thermophore Classic Heat Pack

Never undervalue the effectiveness of a quality heating pad. This one allows a new mother to walk around more freely because of its lengthy 10-foot cord. Plus, its convenient switch lets her adjust the heat.

The switch has to be held in one hand and will turn off if the button is released. Moreover, a 25-minute auto shut-off timer serves as a backup.

Find out more gift suggestions: Gifts For New Moms For Mother's Day


You really can't go wrong with this gift guide, can you? You're already headed in the right direction with your search for the best Mother's Day gift for pregnant mom. The most important thing is that mom is made to feel special and cared for!

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