Best Plants for Mother's Day - A Complete Mother's Day Gift Guide

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Mother's Day is almost approaching, and what better way to honor your mother than with a gift that keeps on giving. 

You can never go wrong when choosing from these top plant gifts. They not only provide life to your patio, living room, or yard, but they are also "the new" and most fashionable design objects available. 

Get inspired by these beautifully best plants for Mother's Day now!

Best Mother's Day plants

Best Mother's Day plants

Best Plants for Mother's Day

Any part of the house may be made lively and long-lasting with a living plant as a token of your appreciation and affection. 

Think about selecting Mother's Day plant gifts that represent love and nurturing, are easy to maintain, or have an eye-catching design when selecting a Mother's Day gift.

Here are a few fantastic Mother's Day plant ideas:

Peace Lily

Sometimes our relationships with our mothers aren't the most harmonious ones! The Peace Lily is the ideal Mother's Day gift for plant lovers to both lighthearted honor and demonstrate your unwavering devotion to them. 

It even serves as one of the best Mother's Day gift ideas for hard to buy moms!

The exquisite Peace Lily, which is also linked to sympathy and wealth, is simple to maintain and yields stunning white blossoms that stand out against a backdrop of deep green background.

Flowering Orchids

An orchid is one of the best flowering plants for Mother's Day if you're looking for a bold and eye-catching gift that represents beauty and power. 

With options for purple, pink, and white kinds, you may be sure that this low-maintenance, pet-friendly plant will be well-liked.

If you want to help her make a plant display to improve the decor in the house or office, giving her a LEGO Icons Orchid Artificial Plant is also a smart choice.



For mothers who adore houseplants, go big with a monstera plant. 

This striking houseplant is sometimes referred to as the split-leaf philodendron and the Swiss cheese plant due to the holes that naturally occur in its big leaves.

Because of their striking appearance, monsteras are a favorite of interior designers. They are low-maintenance evergreens that flourish in strong, indirect light. 



Pothos is a trailing plant with heart-shaped leaves that is easy to grow. It's a great option for novices and works well in a range of lighting situations, including dim lighting. 

Pothos is a great plant for Mother's Day since it may represent growth and endurance.

Bonsai Money Tree

It is believed that owning a bonsai money tree will bring wealth and success to its owner. Thus, it might be time to give a bit back if you've already eaten your mother out of the house and home in the past! 

If you give your mother a bonsai money tree - an ideal Mother's Day gifts under $100, maybe she'll become wealthy quickly.


Trailing Jade

This adorable trailing jade plant is accentuated by a modern pot; it's guaranteed to delight a mother who appreciates drought-tolerant succulents with thick leaves and stems. 

She can move it into Zones 10 and 11 of her garden or grow it indoors in a bright window. 

Outside, its trailing vines will reach heights of 70 feet, at which point they will require a stable structure, such as a pergola or arbor, to climb on.

Olive Tree

Another wonderful alternative for a Mother's Day planting gift is the lovely Olive Tree, which adds a touch of the Mediterranean to any outdoor area with its silver-grey leaves. 

In the summer, it bears tiny black fruits and lovely white blossoms.

However, it's sometimes a good idea to go with faux olive trees if your mom is too busy to take care of a real one. 

To make the tree appear realistic, the majority of them employ extremely fine craftsmanship. They also feature natural connections, realistic texture, complete shape, and silk leaves. 


Terrarium plants are perfect Mother's Day gifts plants for mothers who work from home or who want to decorate their homes with low-maintenance plants. 

They are excellent companions for desks or kitchen plants since they resemble little greenhouses. These plants develop over time and need little to no maintenance.



Perhaps mom isn't the world's greenest thumb. Then, a big sansevieria that is already potted and prepared to add some low-maintenance color to her house is ideal. 

Sansevieria, also referred to as snake plants, are dramatic-looking, low-to-high light-tolerant plants that have the added benefit of air-cleaning capabilities. 

Yet, they are poisonous to pets, so mothers who have animals in the house should avoid using them.


Mother's Day Plant Gift Guide

There are hundreds of plants to send for Mother's Day for plant enthusiasts in addition to the gorgeous plants on the top list.

Here are the primary advantages your moms will receive from having plants around on her special day if you're wondering why plants make such a terrific Mother's Day gift:

Reasons to send a plant for Mother's Day

Reasons to send a plant for Mother's Day

  • Plants are living and breathing, which can make for small yet exciting dynamics in life.

  • Plants are a source of color and happiness whether they are kept outside or inside.

  • Plants don’t require much cleaning, feeding, or activity as pets.

  • Plants can last longer than a bunch of flowers.

Additional Gifts for Mother’s Day

Should your mother be an avid gardener more than a patio or houseplant enthusiast, she is sure to appreciate any of the following Mother's Day gifts for gardeners:



Being a mother may be a difficult job at times. Thus, show your mom how much you value her by giving her a gorgeous plant on this Mother's Day. With so many best plants for Mother's Day available to you, make sure to give your mother one to make her happy. She will undoubtedly be overjoyed.

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