Best Mother's Day Cards Homemade: 7 Cute DIY Mother's Day Cards Ideas

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Although mothers and other mother figures ought to get love throughout the year, there's no disputing that on Mother's Day, they should receive a little more attention. 

There are plenty of enjoyable activities to do for her on this special Sunday. 

Yet, making a card for Mother's Day with one of these best Mother's Day cards homemade ideas will make her feel extra special, regardless of how you choose to celebrate Mother's Day. 

She's going to love these Mother's Day cards DIY, and they'll be up on the fridge in no time. She will definitely keep them permanently after that. 

Best ideas for Mother's Day cards

Best ideas for Mother's Day cards

Best Mother's Day Cards Homemade

Below we’ve compiled several homemade Mother's Day cards that you can easily do at home. 

If you have time, you can also check out our DIY Mothers Day gifts ideas to make this day more memorable.

Honeycomb Pop-Up Card

With this extra-special honeycomb pop-out card, Mother's Day will be very memorable. You can make anything from adorable hot air balloons to flowers and fruit.

Simply fold a piece of regular paper in half, then glue accessories such as pipe cleaner stem and cut out petals. 

Then, to finish off your message, add more decorations, write in Mother's Day card, and glue a honeycomb ball or other suitable shape in the crease.

A Honeycomb Pop-Up Card

A Honeycomb Pop-Up Card

Thumbprint Card

You no longer need to go around for the perfect card—a really unique choice is there at your fingers. 

To create the momma animals, press your thumbs into an ink pad; for the babies, dip your pinkies (or your child's) and let them dry. Using a fine-tipped marker, add the details, then give the card to Mom.

A Thumbprint Card

A Thumbprint Card

Fabric-Punched Card

She will adore seeing this card when it arrives, filled with lifelike flowers created with leftover fabric and craft punches fashioned like petals and leaves.

Start by punching fabric flowers. Place a piece of fabric in a shallow dish. Apply enough fabric stiffener with a paintbrush to saturate the fabric, being careful not to soak it. 

Give it an hour to dry, then repeat with any leftover fabric. Punch out the flowers and leaves on the fabric as closely together as you can with craft punches. 

Glue just the centers of leaves and flowers to a card so that the tips curl upward. Hand-draw stems and a message.

A Fabric-Punched Card

A Fabric-Punched Card

Expandable Handprint Card

An adorable take on the "I love you this much" theme is this Mother's Day card, which expands into a hand form.

To make one, cut out a template of your child's hand-drawn on card stock. Based on the size of your child, you should be able to take in four hands when you accordion-fold a piece of 11 by 17-inch paper to the width of the template.

Keeping part of each thumb and pinkie intact to maintain the hands' connection, trace the template onto the paper and cut it out. After that, decorating can begin!

An Expandable Handprint Card

An Expandable Handprint Card

Bouquet Card

Create a vibrant bouquet of cards for Mom with flower punches, personalized with her favorite floral colors and a heartfelt message.

Cut a 5-by-7-inch card from craft stock, then fold it. (If wanted, use an edge punch to add a decorative border.) Using craft punches, create a variety of flower and leaf forms out of colorful paper or craft stock. 

Using scissors or a craft knife, cut paper stem shapes. Using double-sided tissue tape, arrange the flowers on the card front. Tie a ribbon bow to embellish.

A Bouquet Card

A Bouquet Card

Daisy Card

Surprise Mom on her special day with this adorable bouquet card created with 3D daisy stickers in lovely purples, pinks, and white. 

Use patterned craft material to create a wonderful background for the flowers, and then add an affectionate message to let Mom know how important she is.

A Daisy Card

A Daisy Card

Floral Pop-Out Card

Print a downloadable template, then trace it onto the proper card material, stationery, or gift wrap to create these kid-friendly pop-out cards. Using a craft knife, carefully cut along the traced lines, leaving spaces between the petals.

Lastly, use double-sided tape to affix your cutout card to a second card that is a different color.

A Floral Pop-Out Card

A Floral Pop-Out Card

Sometimes it's a good idea to go a little extra on this particular day to show her how much you care by sending her a thoughtful gift along with a cute card.

Gift cards for Mother's Day, massagers, tumblers, and even chocolate boxes are among the numerous alternatives. 

Given that it is a gesture of appreciation for everything she has done for you, she will be happy to receive anything you give out, even if

Should you be at a loss for ideas, take into consideration one of the following presents, which many have selected as the perfect Mother's Day gifts ideas:


Best Mother’s Day Cards

All of the DIY Mother's Day card ideas suggested above are excellent! Even so, making one takes a lot of effort and time.

Why not purchase lovely Mother's Day gift cards from Amazon instead? In addition to having a large selection of designs, they are also fairly priced with appealing price reductions.

So, if you'd want to get one, check out our recommendations below:

What to Write in a Mother's Day Card?

Finding the perfect gifts for moms is insignificant compared to the stress of determining what to write in Mother's Day card for your mother, grandmother, and other mothers in your life. 

When it comes to things to say in a Mother's Day card, even those who never have trouble expressing themselves may be perplexed. 

Fear not; we are here to help! 

Best Mother's Day card messages

Best Mother's Day card messages

You can find various heartfelt sayings in our list of the best Mothers Day quotes available as well as Mother's Day messages for friends and family to show gratitude for everything your mother has done and still does.

While no mom is the same, we can assure you that regardless of her personality, she will find great pleasure in reading these sayings and one-liners on Mother's Day.


Whether you choose to celebrate Mother's Day with a lavish brunch, a spa day with her sisters, or a day filled with family-friendly activities with her spouse and children, make sure your mom ends her day with the best Mother's Day cards homemade filled with well wishes, kind words, and perhaps even a quote or two that makes her smile.

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