9+ Best Horse Supplies On Amazon: Horse Health & Accessories Supplies

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It can be quite annoying and costly to buy horse supplies and grooming products for your lovely horses. Moreover, there are so many choices that make you confused. Don’t be sad! We’re here to help you. We’ve curated the list of the best horse supplies on Amazon with big deals on National Pet Day. Check them now.

Find out the best horse supplies

Find out the best horse supplies

Absorbine Veterinary Liniment Rub



24% off

7k+ bought in past month

Introducing you a potent solution for muscle, joint, and arthritis pain: Absorbine Veterinary Liniment Topical Analgesic Sore Muscle and Arthritis Pain Relief Warming Liniment Rub. Crafted with natural menthol and herbal extracts, this liniment gel offers convenient application and effective relief. 

Menthol works to alleviate stiffness and reduce swelling in joints. Plus, rest assured, it's deemed safe for USEF competition when applied as directed on the label.

Mane 'N Tail Shampoo & Conditioner Combo Set For Horses



20% off

4k+ bought in past month

Experience the rejuvenating power of the Apple Blossom Scent hair care line, designed to repair damaged hair and nourish dry scalps. The Apple Blossom formulas are proven to strengthen weak, thin, or damaged hair while improving scalp health. 

Try the Mane 'n Tail Conditioner for visibly thicker, healthier-looking hair. It doubles as a leave-in conditioner for added hydration, ensuring your horse's locks stay tangle-free and protected from a dry environment. 

Durvet 6 Pack of Ivermectin Paste

In a single dose, the Durvet product efficiently removes worms and bots from horses, ensuring effective parasite control. It's safe for use on all horses, including broodmares, breeding stallions, and young foals, providing universal protection. 

By safeguarding against a wide array of parasites such as large and small strongyles, pinworms, ascarids, and more, it allows horses to reach their full potential without the burden of infestations. Plus, its familiar and enticing flavor makes administration stress-free, promoting acceptance and ease of use.

You can select the Durvet 3-pack or 6-pack at one time. All are discounted at Amazon

Chlorhexidine 2% for Horses & Dogs


20% off

3k+ bought in past month

Durvet Chlorhexidine 2% is a potent antibacterial aqueous cleaning solution. It is designed for superficial cuts, abrasions, or insect stings on horses and dogs. 

Formulated with Chlorhexidine 2%, one gallon, it is effective against to both gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria, providing lasting protection for up to two days. Made in the USA, it's a trusted product for farming and horse care equipment.

Banixx Pet Care for Fungal & Bacterial Infections 8oz


3k+ bought in past month

Banixx is not only a potent anti-fungal and antibacterial agent but also remarkably gentle on tissues. Clinically proven harmless around sensitive areas like the eyes, nose, mouth, and ears, it's particularly effective against common pet issues such as dog ear infections, hot spots, itchy skin yeast infections, and ringworm in both dogs and cats. 

Thus, you can feel confident to treat a range of conditions including wounds, fungus, horse scratches, rain rot, abscesses, thrush, white line disease, bacterial and fungal infections, fly bites, or simply soothe itchy skin on your beloved pets.

Horsemen's Pride 10" Jolly Ball Horse Toy


36% off

1k+ bought in past month

This innovative Horse Toy that doesn't require air to inflate, ensuring it won't pop and providing endless hours of entertainment for your equine friend. This durable ball is resistant to puncturing and biting, guaranteeing it remains intact through vigorous play. 

With an incorporated handle, it's effortless to hang in the stall or throw into the pasture for tugging and tossing fun. Measuring 10 inches in diameter, it's the perfect size to alleviate stall boredom or enhance playtime.

Formula 707 Calming Equine Supplement 5LB Bucket 


1k+ bought

Lifecare Calming Equine supplement is meticulously produced to aid nervous or excitable horses in finding relaxation and enhancing their focus during training and work sessions. Its formula promotes a balanced central nervous system for your equine companion. 

With three powerful ingredients, including L-Tryptophan to facilitate serotonin delivery and reduce anxiety, Thiamine (B1) to address nutritional deficiencies and metabolic processes, and Magnesium to support calm and relaxed muscles, your horse can experience optimal comfort and performance.

This product is not a sedative and is entirely show-safe, approved for use before and during competitions across all major federations. 

Ultra Edge Horse Clipper Blade


23% off

1k+ bought in past month

The  Andis – 21641, Ultra Edge Dog Clipper Blade is ingeniously crafted in a T-shape design. Its carbon-edged blades, infused with steel, effortlessly remove bulky and lengthy pet hairs. Featuring deep teeth, this blade allows longer pet hair to slide through easily, efficiently tackling thick coats without causing any discomfort. The carbon-edged technology and chrome-plated finish prevent rusting, ensuring blade longevity with proper oiling before use.

With a cutting length 1.5 times broader, this blade swiftly trims hair to perfection, leaving it at a precise 3/32 inches length. Plus, its compatibility extends to other manufacturers' detachable type clippers, making it an ideal choice for horses and other long-hair pets.

Oster Golden A5 Two-Speed Animal Grooming Clippers


17% off

1k+ bought in past month

This is a versatile pet grooming clipper with a convenient two-speed switch. These clippers satisfy precision and general-purpose grooming needs at a high speed of 2,700 SPM and a low speed of 2,100 SPM. 

The clippers include a detachable Size 10 CryogenX blade, perfect for various grooming tasks. Plus, they are compatible with all Oster A5 detachable blades, offering versatility and ease of use for groomers of all levels.

Manna Pro Bite-Size Nuggets for Horses  


2k+ bought in past month

Horse enthusiasts worldwide rave about the Bite-Sized Nuggets Horse Treats, and we believe your horse will love them too. 

Manna Pro Bite-Size Nuggets Horse Treats in Apple flavor come in a 4 lb. bag. It is enriched with essential vitamins and minerals for your horse's well-being. Manna nuggets is a convenient pocket-sized treats, perfect for rewarding and training sessions.

Wrap up

Above is the list of the best horse supplies we’ve sifted on Amazon. On the National Pet Day, they will be discounted with many attractive deals. Therefore, let’s add all these great items to your cart and wait for the big sale day. 

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