10 Best Horse Riding Boots to Keep You Confident on Your Horse

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Getting started in the world of equestrian riding is an exciting experience, and it's important to have the right gear. 

Your riding boots, or equestrian boots, are one of the most important pieces of equipment. 

We'll go over the 10 best horse riding boots in this extensive guide, along with the key components of beginner-friendly footwear.

We have boots for everyone, whether they are experienced riders or are thinking about buying their first set.

What are the best boots for riding horses?

What are the best boots for riding horses?

Why You Need Best Horse Boots

Horse riding boots are essential for riders of all skill levels due to their numerous purposes. Let's investigate these essential roles:

Ensure Safety

A horse's unexpected movements are not uncommon, making riding an unpredictable sport. 

If wearing the best horse riding helmet helps protect your head, your boots serve as a barrier to protect your lower legs and feet in such circumstances. 

The danger of injury is reduced since they protect you from potential pinches and impacts, such as those caused by stirrups or the horse's body.

Elevate Comfort & Reduce Fatigue

Spending a lot of time on your feet and in the saddle is a common part of horseback riding, which might cause pain and exhaustion if you're not wearing the proper boots. 

Well-made riding boots are designed to offer outstanding comfort and support during your horseback riding experience. 

The importance of wearing the best boots for horse riding

The importance of wearing the best boots for horse riding

Facilitate Optimal Grip & Control

A proper riding boot's sole is made to provide the most possible grip when wearing stirrups. 

By keeping your feet firmly planted, this helps avoid slides that can cause accidents.

Furthermore, by keeping your posture in the stirrups consistently, the non-slip soles help you efficiently interact with your horse.

Embrace Tradition & Equestrian Style

Horse riding boots are more than just practical; they have a deep and traditional past. 

They are a crucial part of riding apparel, adding to the classic and refined look of horseback riding. 

Types of Horse Riding Boots

Riding boots come in a variety of styles that are tailored to fit various riding disciplines, preferences, and events. 

The most popular styles of riding boots are as follows:

Paddock Boots

Paddock Boots

  • Versatile & practical

  • Suitable for beginners

  • Ideal for all activities

Riding Boots

Riding Boots

  • Tall & protective

  • English riding specialization

  • Often paired with breeches for a traditional look

Western Boots

Western Boots

  • Distinctive style

  • Comfort & durability

  • Protective

Field Boots

Field Boots

  • Quite similar to traditional riding boots

  • Elegance in English riding

  • Secure fit

Best Horse Riding Boots

Now, let’s go over our top list of the best boots for horse riding to see which one suits you the most:

TuffRider Ladies Starter Front Zip Paddock Boots

This sturdy and water-resistant footwear from Tuffrider allows riders to complete their ensemble. 

The Starter Paddock Boots are the ideal footwear to keep your feet dry and clean. 

They also feature essential elements like elastic side gussets for improved fitting and spur rests to help your horse react more quickly. 

These boots are a great option for daily use because of their synthetic leather upper, which shields them from wear and tear.

TuffRider Children's Starter Front Zip Paddock Boots

These paddock boots are ideal for your child's riding sessions because of their classic and fashionable silhouette.

For extended use, these best boots to ride horses are made more robust and resilient by the synthetic leather material used in the single-welt construction. 

Meanwhile, their overall traditional style is enhanced by the topstitch details and pierced toe cap. 

Additionally, even in moist situations, the water-resistant design provides a dry in-shoe sensation and lessens the likelihood of water leaking. 

Dover Saddlery Provenance Lace & Zip Paddock Boots

These classic-looking and long-lasting boots include a zipper front system and a rear pull tab for effortless on/off, or a lace front system that allows you to customize the fit to your preference.

Easy-care synthetic leather uppers in all designs are wiped clean with a wet cloth, making them durable riding boots. 

Along with a rubber outsole, they additionally feature a punched toe cap and spur rests. 

Ariat Women’s Fatbaby Western Boot

The new West collection's round up d toe updates the traditional Western boot style by fusing authentic elements with cutting-edge shoe technology. 

Ariat women’s boots are among the best Western boots for riding horses as they are expertly made with a focus on durability, quality, craftsmanship, and style while providing a maximum range of motion.

These boots include a Duratread heel, adding comfortability and noticeable support.

In addition, they also feature Four Layer Rebound technology that offers optimum stability.

GLOBALWIN Women's Riding Boots

The premium Italian faux leather used to make these Globalwin women's riding boots offers both luxury and contemporary style.

Two decorative belts with ankle buckles lend sophistication and a hint of retro charm to any ensemble. 

These long boots make a bold statement and enhance any ensemble, whether you're hitchhiking or attending a social event.

You can match any outfit with these long boots as they are one of the best women's boots for riding horses that look great with jeans or a skirt in the fall and winter.

Vepose Women's 49 Riding Boots

These riding boots are created from strong, long-lasting, and animal-friendly synthetic materials.

With their lightweight design, low chunky heel, and gently cushioned footbeds, thesy are comfortable enough to wear for an entire day.

Your feet will also feel comfortable thanks to the inner zipper and adjustable buckle design, which has a top opening diameter of around 15.59".

Whether you are dressing up or down, the opulent and elegant design on this trendy footwear is sure to attract attention!

Tommy Hilfiger Women's SHYENNE Equestrian Boot

Wear the Tommy Hilfiger Shyenne riding boot with your slim jeans to look amazing. 

Tommy Hilfiger's equestrian-inspired boots are made from soft leather with pull loops and updated in a knee-high style, are set on stacked heels. 

ARIAT Women's Heritage Paddock Equestrian Boot

These boots' full-grain leather uppers and moisture-wicking inner will bring comfort to both avid riders and weekend equestrian enthusiasts. 

The unique rubber composition used to create the Duratread outsole has more longevity than regular rubber, maximum wear resistance, extraordinary durability without sacrificing flexibility, and exceptional resistance to barnyard acids.

Ariat's 4LR technology, with its lightweight stabilizing shank and four-layer footbed, provides support and comfort.

Frye Melissa Button 2 Equestrian-Inspired Tall Boots

Frye’s iconic boots have defined eras, embodied social movements, outlasted trends, and defied time.

The brand also captures the essence of timeless American style - the promise of a dream.

These best women's horse riding boots from Frye can pull on for casual wear and special occasions, with easy-entry leather pull loops.

Sam Edelman Women's Penny Classic Equestrian Boot

Sam Edelman footwear embodies stylish comfort!

Each pair of Sam Edelman shoes is a reasonably priced luxury that deftly blends a young perspective with a worldly sense thanks to the superb materials and exquisite style. 

These shoes are meant to be worn daily because of their sophisticated but practical design. 

Comfort is always a top priority with Sam Edelman shoes, whether they feature cutting-edge designs or are updated takes on traditional styles.

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Tips to Buy the Best Horse Riding Boots

Choosing the appropriate horse riding boots requires taking into account many aspects, including:

  • Fit: Make sure the fit is snug but not too tight. Your boots should offer support without causing pain or pinching.

  • Material: The most popular material for equestrian boots is leather because of its flexibility and longevity. For those on a tight budget, there are synthetic choices available.

  • Style: Select a style that complements both your riding discipline and taste.

Tips to Buy the Best Horse Riding Boots

Best horse riding boots for beginners - Buying guide

  • Sole: Seek out riding-specific boots with a non-slip sole.

  • Height: The discipline you possess determines the height of your boots. Western riders typically choose shorter boots, whereas English riders frequently favor taller boots.

  • Price: When purchasing riding boots for a professional, consider them an investment as they will last for a very long time if you choose a high-quality pair and take good care of them. Meanwhile, paddock boots are the finest equestrian riding boots for beginners since they are affordable and offer comfort and stability.


Purchasing the appropriate horse riding boots is essential for your comfort and safety while following your passion for horses. To choose the ideal pair, take into account your preferred size, style, and riding discipline. Not only will you look the part, but wearing the proper footwear will make riding safe and pleasurable as well. So start your equestrian journey by exploring our website to select your own best horse riding boots!

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