Best Automatic Cat Feeder for Multiple Cats – Ensure Them Won't Miss a Bite

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Every day you enjoy opening a can of cat food for your feline companions, but sometimes you have to choose work or other duties above your responsibilities. 

You've asked others to give your cats food, but nothing seems to happen. Your cats appear to eat less while you're not home.

In situations like these, the best automatic cat feeder for multiple cats would be really beneficial.

The top automated feeders that we have chosen are shown below; they are necessities for every cat owner.

Best automatic feeder for multiple cats

Best automatic feeder for multiple cats

The best automatic cat feeders for multiple cats should be able to provide your cat with dry or wet food, and they shouldn't make too much noise to scare them away, especially while you're not home.

Customers are genuinely using these products and providing positive feedback for them.

HoneyGuaridan Automatic Cat Feeder for Two Cats


✅ Unique Dual Side Equal Feeding

✅ Multiple Sealing Keeps Food Fresh

✅ Fixed Time Quantitative Flexible Feeding

This HoneyGuaridan Dual Cat Automatic Feeder efficiently eliminates uneven feeding by spreading cat food equally on both sides. 

You no longer have to worry about your pets fighting over food because of the left and right feeding designs, which let them eat in peace.

Meal planning is made easier by the soft silicone buttons on this pet feeder. Feed your dog or cat 0–24 servings per meal, one to six times daily.

WellToBe Automatic Cat Feeder 


✅ Smart Feeding Setting

✅ 4L Standard Capacity

✅ 10s Recording Reminder

With 1.6 kg of pet food stored in it, the 4L pet feeder can feed cats and small dogs for 15 to 20 days. 

Due to this, your pet won't have to worry about being hungry at home by themselves while you go on quick trips or work late at night.

In addition, 4 D-size batteries and a power adapter power the WellToBe automated cat feeding. 

The adapter can function on batteries even in case of an abrupt power outage or sudden disconnections from the power source.

oneisall Automatic Cat Feeder


✅ Cat Food Dispenser for 2 Cats

✅ 5L/20 Cups Capacity

✅ 10s Voice Recorder

With the 5L/20 cups capacity, it takes 10 days for two adult cats or 6 days for two pups to finish a full tank of dry food. 

You don’t need to ask neighbors or pet sisters to feed your pets when you go away for a weekend or vacation.

Also, both you and your pet feeder may enjoy a more reliable WiFi connection with 5G/2.4G. 

You may feed two pets at once with no concerns about unequal dispensing or failed connections.

PETLIBRO Automatic Cat Feeder


✅ Convenient APP Control & Alexa Support

✅ Smart Notifications & Indicators

✅ Record a Meal Call for Your Pet 

The meal splitter on this best automatic cat feeder for two cats is adjustable.

Food is dispersed uniformly thanks to the innovative moveable meal splitter, and the portions' sizes may be changed to accommodate the demands of various dogs and cats. 

Therefore, there won't be any fights amongst your pets. 

Additionally, you can verify the feeding records to make sure your dog or cat has been fed following the timetable provided by the APP, which you can also access from the cellphones of other family members.

Voluas Automatic Cat Feeders for Two Cats


✅ Equal & Precise Food Portions

✅ Safe & Reliable Cat Feeder

✅ Smart Functions

This double-designed kibble dispenser has two stainless steel bowls and holders and a meal divider. 

The feeder promotes a regular feeding schedule while saving you time by dispensing food into the two bowls simultaneously.

In order to assist you in planning regular meals for your furry companions, the cat feeding station also has a timer function and a 10-second message recording option. 

PETLIBRO Automatic Cat Feeder with Camera


✅ Smart APP Control

✅ 1080P HD Camera

✅ Two-way Audio & Personalized Meal Call

This best automatic cat feeder for 2 cats features a 1080P HD camera for remote monitoring.

The downward-facing camera ensures a clear view of your pet without capturing faces or revealing your entire home.

Especially, the night vision feature lets you capture and record your fur baby’s midnight munchies in crystal-clear detail.

Molypet Automatic Cat Feeders for 2 Cats


✅ Flexible Feed Setting

✅ No Jams and No Clogs

✅ 6L Capacity Storage

With 25.4 cups of food storage, this best auto feeder for cats can help you fill it less frequently. 

Additionally, it features a triple seal to guarantee that the food won't get wet and that your pets may always enjoy fresh food.

Interestingly, if food gets stuck in the feeder, the rotor will rotate counterclockwise to free the food, then return to its usual clockwise direction. 

It also features an elevated base to stop food from building up at the outlet.

You can find more honorable products and a complete buying guide in our article titled “best automatic pet feeder.


Cat feeders that operate automatically are a godsend, particularly if you travel far for business or pleasure. Similarly, if you struggle to get out of bed in the morning or stay late at work, you'll benefit from an automatic feeding option.

Like most cat owners, you like feeding your pet, and with the best automatic cat feeder for multiple cats, you can leave them alone and know they'll eat well!

Rating: 4.9 - 50Votes



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