Black Rose Kali Mehandi Black Henna Herbal Hair Color 10gm X 5 = 50gms - 815865000115 is a black hair dye powder made of henna to help you cover grey hair. In India, it is one of the most popular Henna hair dyes. 

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Herbal Henna Powder, Barium Peroxide, Citric Acid, Paraphenylenediamine

Henna in Hair Dye

Henna, or "mehndi," as it is known in Hindi, is a required guest at any big large Indian wedding. 

The forearms, hands, feet, and shins are covered in a gorgeous variety of patterns, from lacy to floral to paisley. 

The practice of body ornamentation is so revered during weddings that it has its own pre-marriage ritual.

Lawsonia inermis, a tropical shrub that thrives mostly in arid regions like Asia, northern Africa, and Australia, was the source of the original henna dye.

Henna, which is often offered in powder form in most nations, is used to produce a specific reddish-orangey-brown color. Aside from coloring fabrics, it is mostly used in the Indian subcontinent, the Arab world, and North Africa to tint skin, hair, and fingernails.

The henna plant does not leave any stains when it is in its natural state. Thus, they must first be dried, ground, and sieved before being sold in powdered form. 

The natural dyeing components included in this powdered henna powder, known as tannins, are combined with hot water to create a paste.

When applied to an exterior surface, the paste itself imparts a pleasing reddish hue, but other organic materials may be mixed in to improve the outcome. 

Henna powder, for instance, produces various shades of reddish-brown color when combined with tea, indigo, coffee, cloves, or lemon. To ensure the tenacity of the color and the durability of the pattern, one can also add sugar and oil.

Product Benefits

The hair dye is a mixture of henna and natural herbs that helps to color gray hair and gives you lustrous, silky, and smooth hair. 

Black Rose Kali Mehndi's advantage is that its color lasts for 20–25 days.

Importantly, it is the first powder hair dye in India to receive the 'ISI' mark, which is a certification of quality given by the Inspection Agency of the Government.

PPD, a chemical molecule with anti-oxidation capabilities, is included in it. PPD in this product is thought to be safe for the scalp and hair at just 3%, which is less than the 6% threshold imposed by the European Union. 

This product is 100% vegan, cruelty-free, and appropriate for both males and females.

How to Use

Here is the direction on how to make the best use of the Black Rose Kali Mehandi Black Henna Herbal Hair Color:

  • Run a patch test

  • Use gloves 

  • Apply directly to the hair's roots without using a comb. 

  • Spread the color with your hands on the length of hair you want to dye. For optimal results, wait 60 to 90 minutes.

  • Use a hair mask, conditioner, and shampoo to wash.


  • Never use soap or water to clean the dried paste.

  • Using lemon juice, olive or corn oil, or both, to wash away the dried paste residue.

  • Keep the decorated area free of soap and heavy petroleum product use.

  • Read the label before using

  • Keep out of reach of the children

Customer Questions and Answers

What are the side effects of black rose henna?

When applied to the skin or hair, henna is generally Safe for the majority of adults. But, it may also result in adverse reactions such as skin scarring, burning, itching, blisters, and redness. 

These adverse responses are typically brought on by a henna component. This extra component is most frequently found in "black" henna.

Is black henna better than hair dye?

Henna in Black Rose Kali Mehandi Black Henna Herbal Hair Color is generally better for your hair. Thus, keep using this component to color your hair if your hair is already damaged, thin, or falling out.

Does henna reduce grey hair?

Henna may not only make your hair seem beautiful on festive events but also prevent greying hair.


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