Arboleaf Mini Massage Gun - SMALL but MIGHTY

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Arboleaf Mini Massage Gun

No. 1 Massager in Japan

Say goodbye to annoying sore muscles, neck and back pains, and body aches. Release the pain with one click.

mua nó ngay bây giờ

Súng massage mini Arboleaf

If you often experience sore muscles, body aches, and muscle cramps due to workout for a long time, sitting too long, or walking too much, Arboleaf Mini Massage Gun is for you.

Súng massage mini Arboleaf là sản phẩm dành riêng cho bạn

NO MORE PAIN with Arboleaf mini massage gun. Whether you’re a gymer, professional athlete, recreational sports enthusiast, a person in high-pressure offices, driver, or anyone with muscle soreness problems, this is a perfect solution for you.

Arboleaf mini massage gun

Arboleaf mini massage gun

Súng massage mini Arboleaf fetback4,7 out of 5

1917 ratings

With 2k+ bought last month

What makes the Arboleaf Mini Massage Gun a best-seller on Amazon?

Bán chạy nhất súng massage mini Arboleaf trên Amazon

nhấp chuột vào ion 1,04 lbs nhấp chuột vào ion <40dB nhấp chuột vào ion 4H max
nhấp chuột vào ion 60W nhấp chuột vào ion 6 mm Amplitude nhấp chuột vào ion 4 silicon heads
nhấp chuột vào ion 10 mins automatic stop nhấp chuột vào ion 5 speeds levels  


Quick Pain Relief

Sore muscles and body aches will nearly disappear in one click.

That is thanks to the pressure-responsive technology with 5-speed levels. It can automatically adjust speed and percussion based on sensed pressure. 

Thus, users have a more precise and tailored percussion massage experience.

Súng massage mini Arboleaf 5 cấp độ

5-speed levels of Arboleaf mini massage gun

4 Silicone heads

Arboleaf pistolet de massage relieves pain and tightness and relaxes your whole body.  This handheld massage gun offers 4 silicone heads that fit specific positions. 

Sử dụng súng Arboleaf cho toàn thân

Use Arboleaf Gun for whole body

Low Noise

Arbo leaf Gun runs quietly with nearly no sound. Using the metal-denoise technology, this massage gun makes noise from 35dB to 55dB. Suitable to use in the office or gym without causing a disturbance. 

Máy mát xa Arboleaf có độ ồn thấp

Arboleaf massager has low noise

Long battery Life

You can use Arboleaf for more than 15 DAYS (30 minutes each day). powered by two 2000mAh batteries, it can stay active for a long time after a full charge via USB-C. The use time varies according to the speed used.

Arboleaf can may be used than 15 day

Arboleaf can be used for more 15 days

Travel size

This handheld massage package only weighs 1.04 lbs and can be held in one hand. With this travel size, you can carry it everywhere for muscle relaxation at any time.

Súng massage Arboleaf có kích thước theo lịch

Arboleaf massage gun has a travel size

Its nice gift box packaging makes it a great present for a variety of special occasions. It's a great Valentine's Day present for someone who enjoys sports or spends a lot of time in front of a computer!

How to use Arboleaf Mini Massage Gun

Cách sử dụng Súng massage mini Arboleaf


Arboleaf Mini Massage Gun

Arboleaf Mini Massage Gun (with packaging)

Súng mát xa mô sâu cầm tay cầm tay arboleaf có hộp bảo vệ

Súng mát xa mô sâu cầm tay cầm tay arboleaf có hộp bảo vệ

59,99 USD ( -33% )

89,99 USD


Súng mát xa mô sâu cầm tay cầm tay arboleaf có hộp bảo vệ

Súng mát xa mô sâu cầm tay cầm tay arboleaf có hộp bảo vệ

100.000+ customers use Arboleaf Mini Massager

Hơn 100.000 khách hàng sử dụng Máy mát xa mini Arboleaf

What are customers saying?

phản hồi lại    Elayne A.

phản hồi lại  Compact But Powerful!

My first massager wouldn't turn on, even after being charged overnight. I returned it and was immediately sent a new one that worked perfectly right out of the box. Customer service was great and the exchange was very quick.


And the new massage gun is awesome! It has 4 different strength settings and 4 different attachments, which can produce a variety of sensations. I recently started a new, heavier weight lifting routine, and I always have sore muscles somewhere. The strong pounding vibration feels SO good! With a lighter pressure you can get a more usual massager sensation. But with a firmer press against the body, the percussion kicks in and really gets into those muscles. The double-pronged attachment is amazing at the neck and along the spine. I love the way it soothes my sore muscles. It feels truly therapeutic.


The battery charge seems to last for quite a long while. Though powerful, sturdy, and well built, it is quite compact, and is small enough to travel with.

phản hồi lại    Kasper Herløv

phản hồi lại  Excellent for muscle massages

 I bought this massage gun because my leg twitches mostly in the mornings and I need one of these machines to help me.


I am very happy with the result, it works very well and has several pieces for different types of massages. The battery has a long life and is practical to use. In addition, it has several speeds and its weight is light.


Comes with a case for easy storage.


Without a doubt, I have made an excellent

phản hồi lại    Rebekka Zydel

phản hồi lại  Best investment for anyone with aches and pains!!!

This little percussion Massager is freakin awesome. Boy does it pack a punch for how small it is. It comes with 4 attachments and they're silicone as opposed to plastic or foam like my other percussion Massager. The silicone just feels way better and seems to work out spots of tension way better. This little guy has 4 speeds but I assure you that's all you need, I keep it on the highest speed as it definitely feels best. It's smaller than most other percussion Massager and easier to hold, it doesn't make my hand or arm tired from holding it, it'sight enough weight but also built very sturdy. I love this product and believe in it so much I ended up buying one for my boyfriends mom and my mom too- both suffer from back problems and sciatica.


I personally use it mostly on my arms to ease the pain from carpal tunnel and tennis elbow. It feels great everywhere tho- back, arms, legs, hands, feet! It's an amazing product!!! And even better it uses a USB-C charger which is mighty convenient. This is going to be my go-to gift for friends birthdays, Christmas, etc. You won't regret buying it!

phản hồi lại    Jade Gessel

phản hồi lại  Amazing handheld massage gun

Well, I have very bad shoulder issues. So bad I was on disability for a year for my right shoulder, and now I can't sleep on my left shoulder or lift my arm above my head. Got this today and I was blown away by how deep it got it the muscle tissue and how powerful it is. Seriously, this is the best massage device I have ever used. Lightweight, quiet and profoundly powerful. I had increased range of motion in my left arm and shoulder after just one use. The different heads allow you to perform a deep accupressure massage to get down into the area that nothing else can, then you can perform a lactic acid flush massage with one of the other heads to get all that stuff out of there and bring blood to the region so it can heal. Five different intensity speeds - and I really like number 5 because as you push harder the massager increases intensity - so the deeper you get, the deeper the head massages. Awesome! A truly amazing little massager - not just for the money, but at any price. It just happens to be a steal at the price I paid. 10 thumbs up!

phản hồi lại    Darpan Patel

phản hồi lại  

I NEVER write reviews! But, this purchase warrants a review! The massager is small and easy to travel with, easy to operate, and very effective. The different heads that comes with the massager are easy to change and appropriate for areas needing treatment (i.e., back, neck). It operates like a charm and keeps the charge. I purchased a big one similar to this one and it was so heavy and much harder to operate. VERY VERY GOOD PRODUCT!!! You won't regret purchasing this!!

Phản hồi của khách hàng

Rating 4.7 out of 5 on Amazon

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89,99 USD

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
Is a mini massage gun worth it?
Mini massage guns aren't the most powerful solutions on the market, but they'll do the job if you need relief. This gun like the Arboleaf mini massage gun is inexpensive and effective, with a stall force of 35lbs at five different speeds to give therapeutic relief.
Can an Arboleaf massage gun help lose fat?
The massage gun may pulse up to 2500 times per minute. It does not directly reduce abdominal fat. However, if you exercise and consume a balanced diet, the massage gun can aid in the breakdown, distribution, and drainage of fat cells.
Is it OK to use a massage gun every day?
Massage guns are strong and can penetrate deep into muscle tissue with accuracy, improving blood flow and accelerating recuperation. Arboleaf Mini Massage Gun has a 10-minute auto-off feature for safety. You can use it 2–3 times each day.
How much stall force? Can it meet the needs of my daily exercise?
Stall force up to 35lbs, is the best choice for medium-intensity sports after exercise. Compared with the large massager on the market only ordinary speed increase function, we have smart gear, more compact and easy to grasp, without losing strength.
What is the difference between the silicone massage head and other materials?
Silicone skin-friendly massage head, soft and flexible, to bring users a real-life experience touch. Waterproof, after use, can be washed and dried placed, will not stink and deteriorate. More durable than plastic, foam massage head.

Healthy and Happy Everyday

Say goodbye to sore and body aches today!

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Rating: 5.0 - 50Votes



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