The filtered clove cigarette Sampoerna Mild 8999909096004 is made in Indonesia by HM SAMPOERNA Tbk.

The unfiltered clove cigarette "234" Dji Sam Soe is extremely popular among Indonesian smokers, who are familiar with most products of the HM Sampoerna brand.

While still a clove cigarette, this one has a milder taste and flavor than unfiltered ones.

This Sampoerna A Mild cigarette blend makes use of well-chosen tobacco leaves, matured cloves, and HM Sampoerna's proprietary sauce.


Sampoerna Mild cigarettes are small, bold, and wrapped in white-colored cigarette paper. 

They are thinner than unfiltered ones.

Having a red square with a white A logo in the center and a flip-top box made of white colored paper, this product comes in a 16-stick package.


This cigarette is part of the Low Tar Low Nicotine (LTLN) product because it includes 1 mg of nicotine and 14 mg of tar. 

The term "mild" refers to a light flavor in this particular cigarette type.

When burned, it simultaneously tastes sweet and fruity, not to mention the distinctively spicy flavor of burning cloves.

It is a characteristic of kretek and is also felt in every suction, despite the fact that it doesn't stomp too much in the throat or cause a cough.

Customer Questions and Answers

How harmful are clove cigarettes?

Both smokers and nonsmokers should avoid clove cigarettes since they contain nicotine and several cancer-causing compounds. 

Smoking clove cigarettes increases the risk of developing a nicotine addiction as well as lung cancer and other lung diseases.

Are cloves healthier than cigarettes?

The same health hazards associated with cigarettes also apply to clove cigarettes. 

Clove-related compounds have been associated with acute lung asthma, injuries, and other lung conditions.

Why did Americans ban clove cigarettes?

Flavored cigarettes, including clove cigarettes, were outlawed when the Family Smoking Prevention and Tobacco Control Act was passed in 2009 on the grounds that they were appealing to youth.

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