Pall Mall Cigarettes 02785123 are a high-end tobacco product manufactured by the R. J. Reynolds Tobacco Company of Winston-Salem, North Carolina, and by British American Tobacco at multiple locations.

The brand, which is the fourth top-selling cigarette brand in the United States and one of the most well-known manufacturers of tobacco products worldwide, offers the best balance of taste and quality in its products. 

Pall Mall smoking is about taking advantage of a privileged lifestyle and unique flavor.

Brand Highlights

The Black Butler business established Pall Mall in 1899 to cater to the wealthy upper class. It was then purchased by American Tobacco in 1907. 

The business used the brand to experiment with novel concepts, such as various tobacco packing and stuffing methods. They invented the 100mm and King sizes cigarettes, both of which were hugely popular. 

Pall Mall had surpassed all other cigarettes in sales in the American market by 1960. After the sales started to decline, they were phased out.

Brown & Williamson Tobacco Corporation acquired Pall Mall and Lucky Strike in 1994. 

Ten years later, RJ Reynolds Tobacco Company acquired Brown & Williamson and continues to market the Pall Mall brand in the US while British American Tobacco markets it internationally.


Pall Mall Cigarettes - EAN 02785123 are praised for burning more slowly than the typical cigarette, and a Black N Mild filtered cigar is a fair comparison.

In addition, since it has little to no distinctive flavor, it is typically referred to as a plain cigarette. 

Comparatively speaking to other sub-premium or premium cigarettes, the paper is claimed to have a faint chemical flavor, and the cigarette generally creates a lot of smoke.

Product Variants

Current hard-pack styles

Current soft pack styles

Customer Questions and Answers

What do the Pall Mall colors mean?

The brands' varied colors are represented by the Pall Mall colors. 

The Pall Mall pack colors are Red for Full Strength, Orange for Lights, Green for Menthol Full Strength, and Blue for Menthol Lights in the US.

Is Pall Mall a premium cigarette?

One of the earliest premium cigarettes in the world, Pall Mall was released in 1899. It is among only five brands that have ever attained a market leadership position in the United States.

Does Pall Mall have nicotine?

Nicotine content in Pall Mall regular/full flavor cigarettes is 0.9 mg, with 12 mg of tar.

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