One of the most well-liked rolling tobacco brands on the market is Golden Virginia. It was initially made available to people in the UK in 1877, which was also the first time this product entered the market.

Since then, Golden Virginia rolling tobacco - EAN 8710900032668 continued to enter new nations as the roll-it-yourself market grew. 

It has become one of the top three-selling brands of rolling tobacco today and is offered in more than 30 nations.

About Manufacturer

As mentioned earlier, this product is produced by Imperial Tobacco Group, which is now called Imperial Brands. 

It is an international cigarette firm with its main office in Bristol, UK. 

In terms of market share, it is the fourth-largest global cigarette company, behind Philip Morris International, British American Tobacco, and Japan Tobacco, as well as the biggest producer of fine-cut tobacco and tobacco papers.

Imperial Brands has 51 plants globally, produces more than 320 billion cigarettes annually, and sells its goods in more than 160 nations.

Some of its outstanding brands include Montecristo, Davidoff, Gauloises Blondes, West, Drum, Golden Virginia, and Montecristo.

About Product

Imperial Brands produces the hand-rolling tobacco product Golden Virginia in Nottingham, England, and distributes it all over Europe. It consists of a mixture of fine-cut Virginia, burley, and oriental tobaccos.

Currently, it comes in a pouch with a sticky tab and a zip-lock lid to preserve the tobacco fresh.

Golden Virginia is the most popular hand-rolling tobacco in the UK, claims the Imperial Tobacco website.

It is offered in more than 35 markets, mostly in Western Europe, with Ireland, Belgium, Spain, the UK, and Luxembourg serving as some of its primary export markets.

Product Variants

Product Size

Customer Questions and Answers

Is Golden Virginia a strong tobacco?

No, Golden Virginia rolling tobacco - EAN 8710900032668 is a medium-strength blend.

Why is Golden Virginia yellow cheaper?

Golden Virginia Yellow is made from leaves that have been stripped using a more contemporary procedure.

It keeps the cost more in line with less expensive techniques while removing the stalk and birdseye.

What is the difference between Golden Virginia tobacco yellow and green?

Golden Virginia Yellow is a milder variation of the original, no longer available Golden Virginia Green. 

To assist balance out the tobacco's overall strength, the mix contains a higher proportion of Burley.

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