The KT&G Corporation has been making Korean cigarettes under the Esse Lights brand since 1996. 

Because of its elegance and superiority, this well-known Korean brand is adored by the general public and enthusiasts.

In the Asian and Western European markets, products including a variety of slim and super slim cigarettes are highly popular.

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Brand Highlights

Esse was first introduced in 1996 by the Korea Tomorrow & Global Corporation. 

It is now becoming more well-known outside of South Korea, particularly in Russia and Eastern Europe, where the brand debuted in 2003 and sales more than doubled in 2006.

This brand is currently accessible in Asia and several nations in Europe but not in the US.

Because they are slim and super slim and have lower tar and nicotine content, females are the brand's primary target market.

Esse Cigarette Varieties

In addition to Esse Light - 88011967, the brand also provides a lot of products. Here are some:


With its primary colors being white and blue, the Esse Lights packaging stands out and draws attention to the exquisite aesthetic of the cigarette line.

The logo and brand name are also printed on the packaging in a simple way.


Cigarettes "ESSE" have a milder flavor than comparable products because of a technique that uses acetate filters to limit the amount of nicotine absorbed into the body that causes toxins.

This also improves natural aromatherapy, improving user comfort.

The product is suitable for both men and women or those who prefer a light taste because it does not smoke after smoking.

Customer Questions and Answers

Is a light cigarette dangerous?

Regular and light cigarettes are equally dangerous.

If a smoker takes prolonged, deep, or frequent puffs, their tar exposure from a light cigarette may be equally as high as from a regular one.

Which is more damaging: nicotine or tar?

Nicotine is a highly addictive substance, yet it's also generally safe. 

Your health will really suffer from the carbon monoxide, tar, and other hazardous compounds in cigarette smoke.

Why do light cigarettes cause more harm?

According to scientific data, smoking is still harmful to your health even if you switch to "low tar" or "light" cigarettes.

The exposure to the tar, nicotine, and toxins in cigarette smoke is not lessened by doing this.

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